Bollywood: Pretty Actress Deepika Padukone ‘s Sweet Desire

Every Human being is in fact different by nature. Similarly needs popularity among the masses  by doing something different to others. Actor Deepika Padukone now a days busy in her Hollywood assignments very excited to be remember in the public as sweet and good person . In this regard, she said’.
“I am really excited. This is my Hollywood debut. I am very nervous, but I am also very excited. And today is the beginning to that journey. Hopefully, we will be coming to India soon,” Deepika said on January 1 before leaving for abroad to kick-start the film’s promotion.
“In terms of promotion, first we will head to Mexico. As far as the release is concerned, we will first release the movie in India. While shooting the film, I discussed this with my unit… that it would be great to first release it in India and I am happy that it is finally happening,” she added.
Let’s see whether she be able to maintain his statement through her performance of new year, 2017 .

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