Gruagach & Baba Yaga: First Hellboy TV Spots

We’ve got lots of new Hellboy stuff to check out ahead of the reboot’s debut next month. Lionsgate is hoping they can have their very own superhero franchise in the making here, similar to Deadpool in some ways, R-rating and all. But first, they’ve got to make one successful movie and that movie arrives very soon. The studio has released two new TV spots, as well as a small handful of new images to help drum up some enthusiasm for the character’s return to the big screen after a very long absence.

The TV spots are made for a PG-13 audience, meaning they can’t showcase any of the bad language or really bloody stuff coming our way. That said, they both do a decent job of succinctly setting expectations. Hellboy is a fish out of water who could have been a force for evil but is doing his best to be a force for good. Lots of monsters. Lots of action. Lots of crazy visuals. Both of the TV spots have little snippets of new footage, but they’re largely reorganizing stuff we’ve already seen.

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