Fall of Dhaka – an international conspiracy

By Asif Haroon Raja In united India, Muslim majority East Bengal was the poorest with lowest percentages of urbanization, industrialization, literacy and per capita income. It was kept economically and socially backward by Hindu Zamindars and was a hinterland of Calcutta utilized for 200 years to provide raw materials for the industries in Hindu dominated West Bengal. Division of Bengal and Calcutta becomin ...

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Now it is Banglandesh

PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER ‘The death toll rose to at least 37 in violence sparked by a controversial death sentence handed down against the head of an Islamic party for war crimes committed during the country's 1971 war of independence’, reported The Los Angeles Times on the first day of this March. The paper further says, ‘Tensions have been running high in recent weeks as verdicts were announced in the tria ...

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