Japan: Liberal Democratic Party Won Landslide Victory

 By Zaheerul Hassan Japan's Liberal Democratic Party  returnd to power after winning  a landslide victory in national polls on 16 December 2012. Japnese gave almost monopoly  to LDP in Japan's post-war political order until its defeat three years ago. With the LDP's victory, Shinzo Abe, a nationalist and China hawk, is set to become Japan's next prime minister. Together with its parliamentary ally, New Kome ...

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World Cup Kabaddi-2012

The ‘World Cup Kabaddi’ Indian men deserve exceptional appreciation  and more award than they got on this unmatchable victory now as the  Sikh Vichar Manch noticed till the end of show on PTC news   Observation by - Sikh Vichar Manch    Before finally ‘World Cup Kabaddi’ Indian men pulling out a hat trick  routing arch rivals (though looked friendly), the Indian and the  organizers were not sure about winni ...

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