Diversity in Nation Building: Contributes or Hinders?

Ram Puniyani Extremist Hindu attacked church in India There is news that in UK, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has unveiled (17/10/2020) 50 Pence 'Diversity coin’ to celebrate Britain’s diverse history and recognise the profound contribution minority communities have made to the shared history of the country. The coin carries the message “Diversity Built Britain”. This is in the backdrop of the campaign led by ‘We ...

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Internationalization of India’s Anti-Muslim Bigotry

By Sajjad Shaukat With the advent of social media, it is much difficult for rulers and politicians to speak lies and to hide information. In this regard, despite twisting the facts, under the regime of the Prime Minister Minister Narendra Modi, India’s religious bigotry has continued unabated against the religious minorities, especially the Muslims. In this respect, the United States Commission on Internati ...

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Why Israel Didn’t Win

By Adam Shatz The ceasefire agreed by Israel and Hamas in Cairo after eight days of fighting is merely a pause in the Israel-Palestine conflict. It promises to ease movement at all border crossings with the Gaza Strip, but will not lift the blockade. It requires Israel to end its assault on the Strip, and Palestinian militants to stop firing rockets at southern Israel, but it leaves Gaza as miserable as eve ...

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A Wake-Up Call for The Muslims

Professor Ali Sukhanver [caption id="attachment_3157" align="alignright" width="350"] Indian Hindue Extrimist brutality against Christians[/caption] It is the most common feeling in the western Christian world that the Muslims are a grave threat to the supremacy and hegemony of the countries like US, Israel and India; so they must be crushed with an iron hand. Ridiculing the Muslims, victimizing the followe ...

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Who Intruded Minority Rights: South Asia

By Hira Zaheer [caption id="attachment_2836" align="alignright" width="300"] Christians Protesting on Indian Forces Brutality[/caption] Minority Rights….this expression symbolizes the privileges, birthrights and civil liberties to both individual members of a racial, religious and linguistic groups or communal entitlements accorded to concerned group. In the recent couple of days the International electroni ...

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