Defense Day, Imbibing the Spirit of 1965 War

By Sajjad Shaukat Every year September 6 is celebrated as the defense day to pay tribute to the Pakistani soldiers who defeated India in the 1965 war. Military thinkers agree that although the physical force will determine the type and scale of war, yet it is the will to fight or moral force which determines the outcome of war. Clausewitz puts it this way, “One might say that the physical force seems little ...

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Myth of One Versus Ten

By Ahmad Ishaq Indian aggression on Pakistan in 1965 was dealt with iron fist by Pakistani Army. Pak Army made a solid defence in opposition to the Indian Army, who tried to encroach into Pakistani territory. Pak Army with support of Air force and Navy battled bravely not only compelled the Indian Army to retreat from the occupied areas but it also entered deep into the Indian Territory, occupying its land ...

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Defence of Pakistan Day

By     Mohammad Jamil The sixth September - Defence of Pakistan Day - has significance in many ways. Firstly, Pakistan’s armed forces could repel the attack by India, a country more than six-time bigger in population and land mass. Secondly, national unity and trust between the people and the army was the spirit of 6th September. It was manifestation of what Sallust (86-34 BC) a well-known historian, friend ...

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Pakistan Defence Day – 6 September 1965

Pakistan Armed Forces pushed back Indian attack in September 1965.  We pay tribute and solute to the "Shudaha , Gazi and heroes  of  Pak  Forces . Major  Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, NH, Air Cdr (then Sqn Ldr) ,  Muhammad Mahmud Alam, SJ and Air Marshal Malik Nur Khan Commander-in-Chief  Air Force, actions and Madam Noor  Jhan(late )  national songs  are unforgettable.  Our security forces are fighting against ...

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