Western Bruiting On Pakistan – LeT Links

By M Khan Chishti Major chunks of coalition forces are packing for home as Al-Qaeda is now practically a dysfunctional organization especially in Af-Pak region. A huge credit of this success against  Al-Qaeda lies with Pakistani LEAs which arrested and killed hundreds of its operatives over a decade in War on Terror. Initially, immense criticism was made against Pakistan for harbouring Al-Qaeda leadership i ...

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The Woes of an American Drone Operator

By Nicola Abé A soldier sets out to graduate at the top of his class. He succeeds, and he becomes a drone pilot working with a special unit of the United States Air Force in New Mexico. He kills dozens of people. But then, one day, he realizes that he can’t do it anymore. For more than five years, Brandon Bryant worked in an oblong, windowless container about the size of a trailer, where the air-conditionin ...

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