Western Bruiting On Pakistan – LeT Links

By M Khan Chishti Major chunks of coalition forces are packing for home as Al-Qaeda is now practically a dysfunctional organization especially in Af-Pak region. A huge credit of this success against  Al-Qaeda lies with Pakistani LEAs which arrested and killed hundreds of its operatives over a decade in War on Terror. Initially, immense criticism was made against Pakistan for harbouring Al-Qaeda leadership i ...

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Afghanistan – Green-on-Blue Attack in Afghanistan Raises Questions

By Lisa Lundquist A newly reported insider, or green-on-blue, attack on a small command post in Afghanistan in October 2011 raises questions about the US military's approach to the security risks posed by Afghan partnering with US troops, as well as the military's reporting on such attacks. The hitherto unreported green-on-blue attack took place on the night of Oct. 8, 2011 at a temporary US tactical comman ...

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Pakistan Defence Day – 6 September 1965

Pakistan Armed Forces pushed back Indian attack in September 1965.  We pay tribute and solute to the "Shudaha , Gazi and heroes  of  Pak  Forces . Major  Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, NH, Air Cdr (then Sqn Ldr) ,  Muhammad Mahmud Alam, SJ and Air Marshal Malik Nur Khan Commander-in-Chief  Air Force, actions and Madam Noor  Jhan(late )  national songs  are unforgettable.  Our security forces are fighting against ...

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