Balochistan victim of foreign aggression

[caption id="attachment_2407" align="alignright" width="156"] Interior Minister[/caption]   Letter to Editor Interior minister Rehman Malik’s general impression is probably wrongly painted as that of an agent of the enemy. Sometime what he talks in public or on the floor of the house, his statement doesn’t match any other leader who is considered to be the most patriot. Senator Rehman Malik revealed in ...

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US Teachers Sex Scandal-Bill of firing teachers is rejected

By Reporter It really pity on so called socieity to listen that teacher involved in sex scandal keep on rooming in the same  schools.  Los Angeles schools chief John Deasy blasted state lawmakers Thursday for not passing a bill to speed up the teacher-dismissal process, which he and others pushed following the sex-abuse scandal at Miramonte Elementary School.  The bill fell one vote short of clearing an Ass ...

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LinkedIn Hacked by Russian hackers – 6.5 mln passwords compromised

LinkedIn Hacked by Russian hackers - 6.5 mln passwords compromised A large set of LinkedIn passwords have reportedly been posted on a Russian hacker web forum, landing millions of accounts in danger of being cracked. ­Thus far, most passwords remain encrypted – the hackers who stole the data asked their “colleagues” to help decipher the files. However, the encryption is quite easy to break, so the users mus ...

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