Dangerous Turn in Panama Leaks Case

by Asif Haroon Raja Panama Leaks case that had surfaced from nowhere in April 2016 has reached a critical stage. It has become the most hyped and publically conducted trial in the history of Pakistan. It has been more of media trial outside the court and very little of court trial. Strangely, the Supreme Court gave full liberty of action to the petitioners and defendants as well as the media houses to go to ...

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Mistakes are Made But the Lessons aren’t Learnt – II

By Sohail Parwaz Relieving General Karamat was a blunder that was not appreciated even by his senior and seasoned colleagues. Sartaj Aziz was one of them who was extremely confident and certain that CGS General Ali Kuli Khan would be appointed as the Chief of Army Staff based on his seniority, merit, among a very competent officer, and next in seniority to General Karamat. Sartaj Aziz in his book, Between D ...

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