World Book and Copyright Day

 By Abid Hussain Assistant Library Officer National Defence University Islamabad World book or world book copyright day peoples also known as an international day of the book or world book days. Always celebrated on 23rd April every year. The initiative steps were taken by the bookseller in Spain in regards of an author named Miguel de Cervantes who died on the same date and for the honour of that author fi ...

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Do not spare him, but can’t we wait?

Letter to Editor The Lal Masjid “Operation Silence” was meant to silence the ‘Red Mosque’ loudspeakers, and it did silence them for the time being, but, as the time passes, that silence is turning into heat. Musharraf is now in custody and every gun has turned its barrel at him. It has timed with the release of Lal Masjid Commission report that implicates Musharraf for the whole saga. As the turncoats have ...

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The Role Of Libraries In Modern Society

 By Abid Hussain As the society developed from time to time the same case is of libraries. We know that  The information society demands to re-define the  objectives of all the institutions which work with information, knowledge, and culture etc. Of these, the media and education have been discussed in the developing countries as well as developed countries  actively. Libraries have been a marginal Theme. I ...

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