Violence against Women has to be end

 By Zaheerul Hassan  Sajjad Akbar The violence is an act of aggression of a person against someone or by a group of persons against opponent cluster of persons. Sometimes, an individual perform the act of violence against oneself and reaches at that stage of antagonism where ultimately either lose senses or go for suicide. Beating, killing, teasing, assaulting and raping are common forms of violence in the ...

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Shining India: How to Control Rapes & Killings

By Zaheerul Hassan On 9th March 2013 United States has honoured the Indian 23 year’s old psychotherapist who was brutally murdered after a gang-rape in a bus in New Delhi in December 2012.  The young student, who has become known simply as “Nirbhaya” or “fearless,” was awarded the US International Women of Courage award posthumously. At this occasion US Sectery John Kerry told the participants of the ceremo ...

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