Need for Practical Unity against Taliban

  By Sajjad Shaukat The barbaric and cowardly attack by the Taliban on teenager Malala Yousafzai, a child educator and National Peace Award winner critically injured her in Mingora town of Swat, while she was returning home from school on a van on October 9. Two of her school friends were also injured in the assault. Malala’s campaign for right of women’s education continued during a two-year Taliban insurg ...

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North Waziristan Operation: Enough is Enough

By Sajjad Shaukat [caption id="attachment_2898" align="alignright" width="300"] North Waziristan[/caption] During her visit to Islamabad in October, 2011, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton agreed with Pakistan’s stance, saying, “Now US is realising that launching new military operation in North Waziristan does not suit Pakistan’s situation.” Replying to a question that the Inter-Services Intelligence (I ...

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North Waziristan require thorough preparations

Asif Haroon Raja [caption id="attachment_2798" align="alignright" width="245"] Map; North-Waziristan-Pakistan[/caption] After two years and seven months of sustained pressure, the US seems to have finally succeeded in cornering Pakistan and making it agree to launch an operation in North Waziristan (NW). Pak Army has been reluctant to do so because of its genuine constraints. Notwithstanding the numerous di ...

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End of Chapter – Osama Family Deported to Saudi Arabia

By  Zaheerul Hassan On 27 April 2012, Osama’s chapter closed when  his family comprising of three wives and five children  under escort of heavy contingent of police officers, first dispatched to Islamabad airport and from there  further flown to Saudi Arabia in a chartered aircraft provided by Saudi Government. Former CIA agent, head of family and leader of Al-Qaeda “Osama bin Laden” has been killed in a s ...

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