Last ditch effort for peace in Afghanistan

Mohammad Jamil President Ashraf Ghani in a one-day conference in Kabul, and during his address, he offered a roadmap for peace to end the four-decade-long war in Afghanistan. New measures for the peace and reconciliation efforts include a ceasefire, recognition of the Taliban as a political party, and making efforts for the trust-building process as well as holding free and fair elections. Dr Ashraf Ghani s ...

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Peace in Afghanistan will Leave No Justification for American Presence in Afghanistan!

Khalid Baig Has the Trump become so much powerful like a Dictator that there is no one to stop him on his undiplomatic tweets and tone? The clear answer is that the White Racist group of America identified as the NEOCONS have succeeded in procuring the control of the USA. Majority of these racists are linked with the business of manufacturing of weapons, products of petroleum and property; they are in major ...

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