Zardari’s call for PPP’s return to power

By Asif Haroon Raja For over six months, Asif Ali Zardari has been confidently claiming that the PPP will form governments in the Centre and all the four provinces after next elections in 2018. He has assertively reiterated this stance several times particularly after he was cleared of all corruption charges by the courts. Almost everyone is wondering as what make him so confident when seen in the backdrop ...

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Political temperature on the rise

Asif Haroon Raja Secret war launched in 2002 by so-called allies of Pakistan was aimed at destabilizing, de-Islamizing, denuclearizing and destroying Pakistan. For eleven years concerted efforts have been made by the US and its allies grouped together in Kabul to achieve their objectives. The first phase of destabilization has progressed fairly well and today Pakistan’s socio-politico-economic-military fabr ...

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