A Mutiny Grows in Punjab

By Anatol Lieven U.S. STRATEGY toward Pakistan is focused on trying to get Islamabad to give serious help to Washington’s campaign against the Afghan Taliban. There are two rather large problems with this approach. The first is that it is never going to happen. As U.S. diplomats in Pakistan themselves recognize (and as was made ever so clear by the WikiLeaks dispatches), both Pakistani strategic calculation ...

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Dicing With Its Own Future Pakistan 2012:

 By Sajjad Ashraf         Synopsis Pakistan is rent by regional resentment, ethnic-linguistic divisions and provincial enmities, while stuck in a quagmire of criminality and terrorism. It faces the prospect of another redrawing of its boundaries unless it can resolve the internal conflicts and restore credible and honest leadership. Commentary MORE THAN 30 years after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Pak ...

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Capt Amarinder Singh being threaten from Germany – Operation Bluestar

Posted By Zaheerul Hassan CHANDIGARH: Former Chief Minister and Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Capt Amarinder Singh had received threatening calls for his opposition to the Operation Bluestar memorial sometime back. Confirming that he had received the calls some time ago, the former Chief Minister told the Punjabnewsline that the caller who was from Germany appeared to be young from his voice. ...

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