Israeli politicians clamber to congratulate victorious Obama

Politicians in Israel were falling over themselves on 7 November to congratulate Barack Obama on his re-election as United States president and reaffirm the strategic bonds between the two countries ahead of Israel's general election in January. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu led the plaudits, saying: "I will continue to work with President Obama to ensure the interests that are vital for the security of ...

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Swing States Decisive in Obama Re-Election

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama rolled to reelection and a second term in the White House on Tuesday with a clear victory over Republican challenger Mitt Romney as the Democrat overcame deep doubts about his handling of the U.S. economy. [caption id="attachment_3599" align="alignright" width="230"] Mitt Romney, left, delivers concession speech. Barack Obama, right, thanks supporters.[/caption] Romney ca ...

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