2 May 2012 – OBL Death Anniversary

Osama bin laden’s killing at the hands of US navy seals in a unilateral action last year initially brought delight in the United States, but Washington was clever enough to quickly turn finger towards Islamabad on bin laden’s long & unnoticed presence in Pakistan thus making Pakistan the major sufferer in GWOT, by portraying it as “either accomplice” or “incompetent”. Pakistan was thus once again betrayed by her own ally who not only violated the sovereignty of Pakistan by violating its territory but also for creating situation in which Pakistan stood blameworthy and culpable on the international front. All this despite the fact that arrest of all top Al-Qaeda brass was only possible with support and efforts of ISI.

Today, bitter disputes like US’s  no apology stand on Salala incident, drone attacks inside Pakistan and lack of progress over Afghanistan are fuelling the biggest crisis in US-Pakistan relations since long.

  • Do you think, Pakistan should continue as a front line ally in war against terror along with US?
  • Pakistan really deserves appreciation for all sacrifices / sufferings and ought to have been praised for playing a positive role in ugly mess created by International War on Terrorism. What’s your opinion?
  • Presence of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan was due to flawed US policies?
  • The US leadership is responsible for creating an environment of mistrust and cynicism, thus destroying the spirit of coalition to collectively fight the menace of terrorism?
  • CIA’s effort to go alone at the cost of exclusion of the ISI, in the long run, is a recipe of failure and nothing else?
  • How can Pakistan extricate itself from the noose of American ‘friendship’ to safeguard its interests?
  • What are the long-term implications for Pakistan if it continues being betrayed by the US every now and then?
  • Is Osama  going to cash OBL killing in next US  elections


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