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common man  By Idrees , Lahore Pakistan

We do hear news of Indian “AAm Adami Party” on Media of Pakistan. Media anchors do praise the AAm Adami (Common Man) Party actions and advise our political parties and our leadership to act on the lines of AAm Adami Party actions. While writing these lines Mr. Sheikh Rasheed’s name just came into my mind as Sheikh sahib also talk too much for the AAm Adami, just another question came in to my mind that why he do not change his party name into AAm Adami  Party of Pakistan. But my inner feeling immediately negated this proposition by just hinting me that although Sheikh Sahib Talk too much of AAm Adami but he does not consider himself as AAm Adaami like all other politicians. This  is the dilemma of our people( I have intentionally not written Nation, instead of people) that even AAm Adami do not consider himself that he is AAm Adami, rather he consider that no one is equivalent to him. If anyone does not believe this than go on to the roads of Pakistan and just touch/question any walker by. You will find that his attitude, temper or you talk of any trait, you will seldom find that he is like AAm Adami, as he thinks himself the Aqal – E – Qul or expert of everything, I will not be wrong in writing that once a country of over 17 Crore population consider themselves the Khas (special) people then the chaos is like the present situation in Pakistan and you will find the hands of each other on the colors of each other.

Independent media may also be termed as Khas Media, as they are also having the similar type of notions and they ruin everything positive and negative with their discussion in such a way that it further aggravates the situation. The way they discuss the issues in their programs, they conclude nothing rather leave it to the AAm Adami who is already constrained of many things, in such situation they are creating negativity in our cultures/thoughts, instead of mind change. Imran Khan is suppose to be the only hope for the AAm Adami for future elections but his negativity and un deliverability in KPK is also an example of the temperament or attitude to handle the issue. It seems that every one is going for their personal interests. It would have been much appreciated that if Imran Khan had concentrated on KPK province and had delivered their promised change in three months than there could have been some hope, that AAm Adami may join him in future elections but there is a big question mark on his competency. So my advice to Imran Khan is that concentrate himself to put his Promised Change on ground (KPK) and let it to be seen by the people of other provinces and give the people a chance to follow him, as negativity will not help him to fulfill his endeavors. Let me also say that at the moment AAm Adami of Pakistan is constrained to feels that His all Endeavors or efforts are only to reach on to the ruins of power as soon as possible, which is not a healthy sign for Pakistan and AAm Adami of Pakistan. God have given him the chance to prove himself in present five years therefore he should grab it with both hands.

Pakistan people’s party can be the only party which can be termed as the AAm Adami party but let me also say that in last five years the Office bearer of this party have ruined this party and it will be very difficult for them to revive this party in at least three provinces. As the general perception for this party is that they come on to power just to increase the Bank balance of the office bearers and they use all type of tactics/intelligence to achieve this end. Let me also confirm that PPP will always have the role to play in Pakistani politics but the sad fact is that they do not concentrate on educating/prepare their party members/leaders for different portfolios during non activity period, to create the handsome pool of trained political leadership. Resultantly once they come in to power they do not have the required trained or qualified office bearers or even they do not have the vision to handle their given departments/portfolios. This is my first ever writing and I may be given the margin of expressing the feelings of the AAm Adami. I have the experience of seeing the Pakistani politics and political parties since 1968 and I had the honor of being one of the participant in Pakistan People’s Party Jalsa/Rally, in which The Great Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had spoken the famous sentence that “Thori si Pi laita hoon ……………My people will forgive me………..” than we have seen that had people forgiven him or not? So crux of the matter is that we all should learn from our past, especially once the stakes are of country level. Pakistan Muslim League (N) now has come in to power. AAm Adami advice to all party heads is that they should allow PML (N) to work for full term. If they do not deliver or deliver than let AAm Adami to decide this party’s fate. I am sure that AAm Adami will not spare them in next elections; patience is the solution of all issues of Pakistan. Mr. Nawaz Sharif till now have not come up to the expectations of AAm Adami and also found as submissive leader, where as Pakistan need proactive leadership. PML (N) till now has been unable to (a),give any way forward to tackle the terrorism (b) tackle Electricity issue(c) provide justice to AAm Adami(d) handle/equip police department to produce desired results.

If the above mentioned issues are promptly handled only than PML(N) can look forward to a bright future, as political entity otherwise this party is also doomed like Pakistan people’s  Party. Now AAm Adami have started saying that why Mr. Shabaz Sharif is not having his protest camp for electricity at Minar – A – Pakistan? We do blame Judiciary for not punishing the arrested of terrorists but we are to look in to the fact that eyes and ears of judiciary i.e. Have POLICE DEPARTMENT  ever been able to provide evidence enough for the judiciary to decide the fate of the terrorists? Ill-equipped and corruption ridden police department have miserably failed in it.

In Such a situation it is very important that all political parties of Pakistan should give PML (N) a chance to have its full term and deliver positively for the betterment of AAm Adami. But if the political parties decided to have a Political Coup than it will be the worst for Pakistan. At the Same time PML (N) must be above their personal interest or improving their family businesses and pay special attention to (a) improvement of electricity (b) solve terrorism issue (c) ensure visible justice for AAM Adami (d) improve the economy of the country, search more credible figure as replacement of Mr. Ishaq Dar (e) well equipped police department (f) zero tolerance policy for corruption, at all levels.

AAm Adami feels that this time only talking, agitation or blame game will not serve the Government as well as the other political parties. It is better to give time to democracy rather than putting the country at the verge of destruction. PML (L) has to come out of submissive mode to proactive mode to handle the AAm Adami’s issues and Media along with the political parties have to have the required vision, blame game will not serve the purpose.

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