AAP Government Contributions in Creating Jobs for unemployed Youth

Posted By Zaheerul Hassan
Representative of AAP government forward an email to reflect its contribution in national development. The point of received is being sharing for information of inhabitants. The coming Indian elections would be the right platform of judging the AAP government claim.

As of November 2017, 5.52% of Indians were unemployed. In a country whose population is more than 1 billion, this is a number that should keep all the State and Central Governments awake at nights. Employment is necessary to ensure that millions of families in India don’t sleep hungry, reel under debts, or live a life of deprivation. The situation is critical and the Governments can’t sit back.

Since the day AAP Government took oath on 14th Feb 2015, it started working on the transformation of Night Shelters, Mohalla Clinics, Government Schools, and Anganwadis (pregnant women and infant care centres).

AAP Government’s stand has always been crystal clear – it is a government’s responsibility to not just lend support to needy citizens, but also to make those citizens self-reliant, independent, and capable of living with dignity by themselves. This is every citizen’s right and providing for it is every Government’s responsibility.

Therefore, in the last 3 years, Delhi Government organized about 6 Job Fairs to facilitate jobs for Delhi’s educated youth. In these job fairs, a total of 25,000 candidates were offered jobs by about 300 participating private companies. The Government also follows up with these companies to review how many individuals were hired and follows up again after three months to see whether the employees are still working at these organizations.

The stories of the lives that have been impacted is our real reward! The people impacted include those who have responsibilities to fulfil and families to feed. Not every youth has the privilege of pursuing higher studies. Some have to start financially supporting families right after high school. Such opportunities enable them to stand on their feet and become YPA (Young Performing Assets).

This is just the beginning. There are miles to go and millions of more lives to impact. AAP Government is organizing the next job fair on 15-16th February at Thyagaraj Stadium in Delhi and is expecting to help thousands of more young Indians get jobs.

Partnering to build our Young Performing Assets,

AAP Outreach

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