Anti-Islam forces hell bent upon destroying Islamic rule: Syed Ali Geelani

kashmir gillani‘Mursi led Govt dismantled under conspiracy’


Srinagar, July 6: (GNS) Terming the ouster of elected Egyptian President Muhammad Mursi a military coup and most shameful affair of 21st century Chairman Hurriyat Conference and pro-Islamist leader of Jammu and Kashmir Syed Ali Shah Geelani Saturday said the role played by so-called champions of democracies remained awful and “most obnoxious”.

“It is noteworthy and creates doubt that a secret meeting which was held between Egyptian military Chief and US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hegel led to the dismissal of Muhammad Mursi led administration,” Syed Ali Geelani said in a statement issued to Global News Service on Saturday, adding that the so called champions of democracy play wishful role and follow double standards where ever they need to see their interests fulfilled.

“It has been proved now that these sources accept only their puppets that favour and defend their interests,” he added.

Syed Ali Geelani said the imperial powers of West, so-called liberal Muslims, Monarchs and people with socialist ideologies had not accepted the verdict of majority of Egyptians for Islamic jurisprudence in their country and it was painful for them. “This is the main reason they hatched conspiracies and started to thwart its functioning by toppling the elected government,” the veteran leader said adding that these powers with their vested interests do not shy out or hesitate in going against the norms of their so-called own principles.

“They (anti-Islam forces) with the help of their stooges conducted more than 5782 protest demonstrations against the Mursi regime and the miscreants resorted to plunder public properties,” he said adding that the elected government was not given a chance to work even for a single day.

The Hurriyat leader in his warning against the anti-Islamic powers said that no power on earth can dominate the ideology of Islam, and “any barrier in its political dominance and establishment won’t survive any more”.

While referring to other ideologies other than Islam, Syed Ali Geelani said that communism, socialism and capitalists ideologies have flopped badly. “The majority in Western countries and the youth do study with keen interest the Islamic doctrine and they realize that best solution for all political and social problems is solved within the Islamic laws.”

“They even understand that if the world has to live peacefully then the only viable way is to follow the principles laid by Islam,” he added.

The Hurriyat Conference Chairman expressed his hope that Islamist forces in Egypt would exhibit their patience as usual and make headway with wisdom and planed strategies. (GNS)


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