Are You With Us Or Against Us?

By: Sohail Parwazcoas and paf image_resize2

It’s the sixteenth day of operation “Zarb-e-Azb” that started in North Waziristan Agency on June 15, 2014. So far more than three hundred and eighty militants have been killed in air raids and ground operation and dozens of hideouts, dens and underground tunnels have been destroyed by the forces. For the first time in this war on terror about 19 terrorists have either surrendered or they have been arrested, so far.

The army had all the complications of any such operation in her mind hence was showing a utmost serenity and forbearance for obvious but valid reasons; the forces never wanted to go for this operation as an amusing task. Had that been the case the previous military regime would have not refused to the Americans for going into any such adventure. The other reason was the safety of innocent civilians and their displacement, who could be trapped into this brawl, however, there were reports that the militants were forcing the locals to either stay put or go to their relatives on Pak-Afghan border. The forces wanted this confusion to be over before any decisive strike. The forces also wanted to give peace parleys, a chance to avoid any criticism by certain dubious quarters.  However, the most imperative factor was developing the national consensus for any such operation.

The saddest part of the story was government’s non serious attitude. As it was much earlier, even before the talks between the government and Taliban had started, it was decided that in case of the failure the operation will be carried out. Yet, government by siding with the culprit channel GEO at the crucial hours, not only tried to lower the morale of the army but also attempted to distract the forces attention from the main operation, which was beyond anyone’s comprehension. For the first time in the history people witnessed any government turning against its own echelon; the national force and siding with a trivial channel that had a dubious record.

When the whole nation put their force and support behind the army, the ill at ease ruling elite put their heads in utter shame and halfheartedly issued a couple of statements just to fulfill the formality. The most disappointing attitude was of the prime minster who displayed diverging priorities. When he had to make a choice, he preferred to visit an injured journalist who always maligned the armed forces then to visiting a shaheed’s family. Eventually he was criticised for his juvenile and bitter act.

The heartening thing was the nation’s support and gratitude for their armed forces. The general public took out processions and rallies in the army’s favour and swore their alliance for their army but if someone was in the wrong camp at all, that was the current government and its few irritating mouthpieces. France’s famous president Charles de Gualle once said that, one army has to stay in your country, if it’s not yours then certainly the enemy’s. It appears that those who matter in national policy making are either ignorant or they are deliberately taking such steps those are leading the nation and country to a biggest mayhem. One should not take this apprehension as baseless, especially when and ex RAW officer R. K Yadav in his forthcoming book “Mission R&AW” has very frankly washed the our political and journalistic linen in the public and has confessed that for the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971, RAW hired the services of Pakistani politicians and journalists. This is enough to conform that why some of the journalists, including few self-proclaimed champs, sometime back visited Bangladesh to get the awards?

In the chapter 8 of his upcoming book he openly admits that R&AW commandos liberated the eastern part of Bangladesh from the occupation of Pakistan Army. Mukti Bahini, created by R&AW forced Pak Army to surrender before Indian army in a brief war of 14 days. Almost 93000 soldiers were captured who were psychologically tutored by R&AW officers to turn against the state. Kao got an Indian airplane hijacked to Lahore to ban the Pakistani flights over the Indian Territory. So finally someone in the enemy’s camp has answered to his conscience and has exposed the contact between Justice Hamood Ur Rehman and Mujeeb Ur Rehman also. With a little effort one can find the reason as to why a planned pondering and pushing is been done since decades for the publication of the Hamood Ur Rehman Commission’s Report.

If we look at today’s political situation then one can conveniently predict that all the indicators are leading to the repetition of the 1971’s exercise. Amidst this if the government is also seen involved in mysterious moves then people have the right to grab them from their collars and warn them that the making of another Bangladesh will never be allowed.

We should not forget that our army is currently carrying out the most sensitive operation of its history.  Operating in the world’s most difficult battle terrain and regaining the control within a fortnight is not a joke. The army is not only fighting against the militants but also showing its deepest concern for the IDPs. Hence, the regular distribution points of relief items among the IDPs are made at Bannu, DI Khan and Tank camps. Till date about 30000 ration packs, each weighing 110 Kilogram have been distributed so far. To keep the distribution flow uninterrupted on, 276 ton rations have been collected so far at 55 Relief donations points established by Pakistan Army in major cities throughout the country and being transported to Bannu. Army has also turned Khalifa Gul Nawaz hospital Bannu into Field Medical Hospital, where 5665 Patients have been treated so far. The care and treatment of the cattle and other animals is also not ignored and thousands of cattle have been provided veterinary treatment while others have been vaccinated.

We must not forget at any moment that the displaced Pashtuns are our national asset. The Mehsuds and Wazirs have always made a great contribution for Pakistan. By looking after them properly we would not be doing any favour to them. As a matter of fact they are entitled to respect and special care. It’s disgusting to know that Punjab and Sindh are not willing to accept the IDPs in their respective provinces. No government has any constitutional and moral right to put a ban on any Pakistani’s entry into any province of the country.

The aim to ponder these facts is to highlight the need of the national unity at this time.  The army and forces have never embarrassed each other. It’s the fifth columnists who have been assigned a mission to create misunderstanding between these two strengths and to destabilise the motherland.  We must remember that the victory of army is the victory of every Pakistani and anyone missing this opportunity will not only be losing the honour but would also be considered against the nation. I sincerely pray that let’s not see that disgraceful day when the public ask their rulers that “Are you with us or against us?”

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