Mass murder in the Middle East is funded by our friends the Saudis

World View: Everyone knows where al-Qa'ida gets its money, but while the violence is sectarian, the West does nothing By Patrick Cockburn Donors in Saudi Arabia have notoriously played a pivotal role in creating and maintaining Sunni jihadist groups over the past 30 years. But, for all the supposed determination of the United States and its allies since 9/11 to fight "the war on terror", they have showed as ...

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Saudi Arabia- Iran Rivalry in Afghanistan

By Abu Ezaan Halford Mackinder's concepts have assumed classic status in the world of political geography today. One of the most significant ideas of Mackinder, which is often referred to, states that control of Eastern Europe would bring command of the ‘Heartland,’ thus control of the ‘World-Island’ (Eurasia), and ultimately the ‘World’. The South Asia, particularly Pakistan and Afghanistan being part of t ...

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