China Will Remain A Threat To India By Vice Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Sarath Chand

An Analysis and Conclusion By: Balbir Singh Sooch

The standoff has happened in the southernmost part of Tibet. — AFP

The Vice Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Sarath Chand deserves appreciation for bold clarification and comparatively to bring the truth on surface about the military strength of India and China and the after affects in case of war or no war between India and China as the India-China military standoff continues at Doka La, that China would continue to remain a threat for the country in future also, saying that,

1. “On the North, we have China which has a large landmass, huge resources and a large standing Army… Despite having the Himalayas between us, China is bound to be a threat for us in the years ahead.”

1. Referring to China’s rapid military modernisation, “That a large portion of Chinese defence spending remains undisclosed”.

2. “As the second largest economy in the world China is racing to catch up with the U.S.”.

3. Referring to Pakistan, being a smaller country with smaller economy, it (China) chose to needle India unconventionally rather than engage in a full-fledged war and said, “That suits its all-weather friend China.”

4. Stating that South Asia continues to be one of the most “volatile regions” in the world, “India being in the centre of it, is the security provider for this region.” —

5. For that, Vice Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Sarath Chand said, India needs to become economically strong in order to have influence in the area and to secure ourselves. “The world recognises strength, both economic and military.”

6. On June 16, 2017 Chinese troops tried to construct a road through the disputed Doka La Plateau which was physically blocked by Indian troops in the area triggering the present standoff. The Extracts courtesy by: THE HINDU


In view of the above, should India underestimate the warning of China like “Chinese determination to safeguard national security, China warns India”.

“India on Thursday, July 20, 2017 made a renewed pitch for a “peaceful resolution” of the Doklam standoff with China through diplomatic channels, and stressed that “differences” should not become “disputes“ on Doklam standoff as reported said by the spokesperson Gopal Baglay of ‘Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India”.

As to why India never used such or similar language, “differences” should not become “disputes” in case of disputes with Pakistan (our younger brother, being a smaller country with smaller economy) for the last seventy (70) years? As to why Indians are being made fools so far and similarly Pakistanis by the government of Pakistan; and by each other respectively and conspiringly?

By seeing the hopeless discriminatory and cruel conditions of downtrodden and the minorities within India under the garb of ‘Hindu Nationalism’ and the relations, that’s diplomacy failure outside, the world opinion and all the neighbouring countries are not at all with India now.

Under the changed behavioral circumstances, it is very safe to draw the inference from that ‘China will remain a threat to India’ and that “India needs to become economically strong in order to have influence in the area and to secure ourselves peacefully within India and outside also” before triggering any type of standoff and war with China”. Isn’t?

“China claims India ‘admitted’ to entering its territory, says should ‘withdraw’ troops:

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has claimed that India “admitted” to entering Chinese territory and said the solution to the standoff was for its troops to “conscientiously withdraw” from the Doklam area in the Sikkim sector.

“The rights and wrongs are very clear and even senior Indian officials have openly stated that Chinese troops did not enter into the Indian territory,” Wang said yesterday in Bangkok, com

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