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By Tariq Rizwan

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is likely to usher a new era of development and prosperity in Asia by connecting South Asia, Eurasia and the Middle East through Gwadar Deep Sea Port. It consists of road and rail network, industrial zones, energy projects and Gwadar Port. It is currently under construction.  It immediate aim is to connect Kashgar in China with Gwadar in Pakistan and rapidly expand and upgrade Pakistan’s infrastructure, as well as deepen and broaden its economic links with the People’s Republic of China. Indeed its long term objective lies in Chinese vision of ‘One Road One Belt’ to open up Asia to Europe.

Despite its immense benefits, some forces are at odd to hinder the project. Since US is pursuing a policy to contain China from showing its muscles in the region. India is being used as a tool by US playing an extremely negative role to block the project at any cost. Since the takeover of BJP government in 2014, New Delhi has left no stone unturned to undermine Pakistan’s integrity and played all cards to let down Pakistan in the region and international community at large. Boycotting SAARC conference, continued violation of LoC etc are some clear indications to malign Pakistan. India is following a mix of Hindu Chanakya philosophy to achieve her nefarious design in the region. The philosophy speaks for ‘Manadalay & Katayudha’ i.e. exploitation of neighbor’s soil and proxy wars respectively. Misuse of Afghan soil and its several undeclared consulates in Afghan towns along Pakistani border without any apparent reasons coupled by the arrest of RAW agent Kul Bhushan Yadav on Pakistan are some solid evidences.

By taking CPEC as a surprise, India rushed to join hands with Iran and Afghanistan with the aim to pressurize Pakistan but in vain as Iran has also a desire to join CPEC at some stage. Though India is developing its own Port in Chabahar to connect itself to Central Asia, yet Iran is maintaining balance in relations with the two adversaries’ i.e. Pakistan and India. Iran is not taking India as a trustworthy friend like Pakistan while remembering Indian vote in 2005 in US support in IAEA, Indian spies, used Iranian soil against Pakistan, backed out from IPI pipeline project due to US pressure.  Moreover, India is shifting its tilt towards US and Israel against the possible Chinese – Russian developmental moves in the region involving Pakistan and Iran as indispensable partners.

The ongoing policies of PM Modi to appease the Hindu extremists is pushing India to the wall and depriving the region from development. Indian strategy of destabilizing Balochistan is disastrous for the poor masses of the province. Indian backstabbing has been exposed over a period of time and our neighbors may no longer trust her mischievous policies.

CPEC is considered a corridor of peace & development not only for China and Pakistan rather its completion may usher a new era of prosperity in the region. There is no comparison of Gwadar with Chabahar Port, instead both are sister projects. Iran and Afghanistan are the direct beneficiaries as well as Central Asia and Russia may take advantage to reach out to warm waters in near future. It will give a big boost to the regional trade.

The writer is a freelance journalist

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