CSF Arrears Payment Post-Chicago

CSF arrears’ payment post-ChicagoLetter to Editor

Reports are that the US has agreed to pay $1.18bn of CSF arrears. Last week, Pak ambassador Sherry Rehman succeeded in persuading Congress to drop an amendment that would have made it difficult to continue to provide financial assistance to Pakistan. This success seems to bringing only a temporary relief as another amendment is to be dealt as the Congressmen demand release of Dr Shakil Afridi. The news of US agreeing to CSF has come after the lawmakers had earlier dubbed Pakistan as a black hole for aid. The remarks came from both democratic and Republican on May 17, during a debate on the request of allowing $2.4bn aid to Pakistan. The claim made by them that $24bn have been given to Pakistan in last decade is totally false. The details have been published in the papers and we the young people must not shy away to write and speak the truth. Pakistan only received $12.5bn since last 10 years under Coalition Support Fund. Out of which 8.6 billion were in cash, which is actually the reimbursement of our expenditures and not any not aid. Similarly $3.875 billion have been taken away by the Americans for Security assistance provided in kind i.e. weapons, equipments, training, services, visits and pay of US trainers etc. Pakistan has only received $500 million instead of $3billion since 2009 from the Kerry Luger-Berman 47.5 billion aid plan and reportedly no more money is coming in this head. Similarly, the Reconstruction of Opportunity Zones (RoZ promised by Bush junior has also been scraped by the Americans. Earlier the suspension of $800 million military aid is the proof of US commitment. Pakistan has suffered the most in this War and monetary losses are more than $70 billion besides over 35000 martyrs (shaheeds). Although American leaders admire the support of Pakistan and recognizes its sacrifices and losses but on ground the situation is different. It is worth mentioning and astonishing that in our long history of friendship US never did anything which could contribute towards the prosperity and development of Pakistan. There is not even a single mega project which could speak of its so called commitment for the development of Pakistan. If that is the case, then People of Pakistan are justified to think about United States as an unreliable ally. I can recall the hype created by the US and western media after 2May incident to defame Pakistan and its army and statements like, we can’t give blank cheques, and accountability of huge money of American tax payers given to Pakistan appeared everywhere. Pakistan has suffered the most but strings are always attached with the reimbursement of our dues. I think we need to put our own house in order so that no one could dictate us. If we join hands together we can bring laurels. Mismanagement, corruption and poor lawlessness is causing losses of billions of dollars, if we control these menace then we can generate money more than the aid which we beg. Similarly we need to ensure that everything is in the interest of the country and no secret deals are made. There is a need on both sides for adopting a pragmatic approach on the issues of Afghanistan, relations with the US and Pakistan’s willingness to extending fullest possible support in their forces and equipment’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Shumaila Raja

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