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By Zaheerul Hassan khalid -ttp
 A major breakthrough has been observed when in the last week of May 2014 the Mehsud section of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) announced its delinking from Mullah Fazlullah, who was elected “Ameer” of TTP.

In this connection, new spokesman Azim Tariq claimed that Pakistani Taliban are “misguided” and “agents of foreign secret agencies,” However, Mesudes of Waziristan elected Khalid Mehsud, alias Sajna as their “Ameer”. In this regard, The Mehsud Group said that central leadership headed by Fazlullah is involved in destruction of schools, ransoms, murdering, espionage, and terrorism in addition to ideological differences. They also declared that Fazlullah Group activities were “un-Islamic” practices and they do not support attacks in public places, extortion, and kidnappings. The said change in Taliban’s stance was noticed when government decided to carry out negotiations with good Taliban and at the same time punching back anti state elements.

TTP is an alliance of militant groups formed in 2007 with the objective of fighting against the Pakistan Security Forces in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan (KPK). TTP bluffed innocent people in the name of Islam and tried to impose their own strict interpretation of Qur‘anic instruction throughout Pakistan and to expel Coalition troops from Afghanistan.

Baitullah Mahsud, the first TTP leader, was killed in an explosion on 5 August 2009 and was succeeded by Hakimullah Mehsud. The militant organization’s ruling council has elected Mullah Fazlullah as Ameer after the demise of Hamimullah in November 2009.  Notably, at that time Sajna did not vote in favour of Fazullah Sajna had been a strong candidate to become TTP chief. But it is worth mentioning here that Mullah Fazlullah fought against security agencies in Swat and currently enjoying Afghan umbrella. Head of criminal Taliban Fazullah is being funded by RAW, CIA and Mossad for fomenting terrorism in Pakistan.  Currently, he is heading the terrorists groups while staying in Afghanistan. In this connection number of times Pakistan protested against violation of its territorial boundaries and also demanded that Afghanistan should hand over Mullah Fazullah, TTP spokesman Maulvi Faqir and others.

In fact, it was foreign agenda to create instability, insecurity while carrying out sectarianism, militancy with the view to stop lonely nuclear power to progress and flourish economically.

In a latest attempt over 200 Afghanistan based militants attacked several Pakistani military posts along the Afghan border on 31 May 2014. Pakistani soldiers responded well and killed 16 militants. The foreign office also launched strong protested and asked Afghanistan to stop cross border terrorism. The targeted military posts are located in the border village of Nao Top, about 50 km northwest of Khar, the main town in Bajur.
It is notable here that Afghanistan and Pakistan share a 2,250-km without fence border and militants from both sides routinely launched cross-border attacks before fleeing back into their other country.

Actually, it is the second split has been  seen in Taliban lines since 2007, which indicate that chapter of TTP would be soon be closed. Earlier on morning of 29 May 2013; U.S. Drone Strike killed four men including Wali ur Rehman, the number two commander of TTP. There were rumours that Mullah Fazullah assisted CIA in hitting Wali ur Rehman. Thus, splitting in Taliban started just after killing of Talks supporters Wali. 

On 04 Mar 2014, officials of KPK disclosed that 39 militant groups are operating in the province, while 20 more criminals groups carrying out coercion, targeted killings and other high profile crimes in the name of Taliban. It was explained to the  parliamentary leaders that the counter terrorism force was being established in the province, which would be equipped with high-tech equipment and weapons. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and all political parties are in favour of negotiations with the moderate Taliban groups. Pakistan security forces have also made it clear that fruitful talks between TTP is subject to its un-conditioning surrender and abiding by the law of states.
On 27 May 2014, Pakistan’s army chief Raheel Sharif clear stated that “together the whole nation has rejected the misplaced ideology of the terrorists, who have clearly lost their cause already and are being marginalized.” We all knew that Pakistan paid a heavy toll of price during war against terrorism since 9/11, 2001.  In this regard, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that Pakistan suffered direct losses of 100 billion US dollars in war on terror.

Moreover, according to South Asian terrorist Portal 52169 people were killed in terrorist violence till 25 May 2014. It includes 18921 civilians, 5741 security persons, 27507 terrorists. The credible sources also revealed that 241 suicide hits, 9,266 rocket attacks and 4,299 bomb explosions in the last six years. In which more than 200 members of tribal peace committees, or Lashkars, including volunteers and chieftains were also killed.  TTP insurgents also destroyed 1,048 schools and colleges were destroyed in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa from 2009 to 2014.

From Taliban split , it has been established that the Fazlullah group is clear on (its) objectives to attack Pakistan’s army and Pakistan’s state whereas The Sajna group (led by Khalid Mehsud) has uncertainties (about) what the military has been doing, but resists the brutal attacks on Pakistan’s army. Thus, the government prior to start of negotiations with Taliban should make it clear that no out of box solution would acceptable to the nation.  Pakistan security forces and nation is now convinced that operation against militants is the only answer to eliminate terrorism. The split in Taliban would likely to be widening up after the departure of NATO and US Troops from Afghanistan.  In short, riven in Taliban groups actually could termed and appreciated as victory of peace loving people, Pakistan Security Forces and ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) who scarified their lives for us.

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