EOBI Scam – Grand Design against DHA

pakistan supreme courtBy Zaheerul Hassan

On 17th July 2013, Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan ordered the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) to deposit Rs. 2 Billion (within 48 hours) with the office of Supreme Court Registrar, or face freezing of all its accounts. All the stakeholders were shocked on court’s verdict while people whispered around that a grand design against DHA was in the offing as political elite and Judiciary desired to bring DHAs under political fold and civilian control.; in addition it had a stirring impact on all those associated with DHA owing to its quality services, foolproof systems to ensure safety of land against any frauds and wellbeing of residents. Presently DHA has become a lucrative enterprise and a model for all housing schemes in the country, providing comfortable and affordable living to retired offices of the Armed Forces and Civilians without any discrimination. In addition DHAs town planning and maintenance standards are excellent extending top quality but inexpensive recreational facilities to the residents. There are more civilians residing in DHA than retired offices of Armed Force.  Civilians were allowed to purchase plots from actual allottee who sold their plots at better price.

The court decision appears to have come in hurry as DHA has not been given a chance to present their viewpoint. DHA Legal Counsel, Ahmer Bilal Soffi, has prayed to the court to allow some more time enabling DHA to present their case. He further revealed that after Rs. 22 Billion transaction with EOBI, Rs. 11 Billion were given to Habib Rafique and Bahria Twon for development of 321 Kanals, EOBI members have also been allotted plots. Media reports reveal that development work has also been completed but EOBI failed to take over the plots. Similarly people whisper around that FIA did not present the complete details of the case to the court.

So far it is not known as to what was the exact market rate of land when initial deal for purchase of land between DHA and EOBI took place. Since Bahria Twon is also involved in development work, therefore, the possibility of any hoodwinking by the land business tycoon (Malik Raiz-Oener Bahrai Twon), cannot be ruled out. The case certainly envisages further probe to make it more transparent.
Apparently, it seems that some of electronic media channels just to tried to influence the court while airing the programes. Most of their talk shows have given one side of the picture without consulting the DHA. Here I must say that print and electronic media should has maintain that the case is still in the court. Moreover, DHA’s legal Counsel has already prayed to the court to allow more time to enable DHA to present its viewpoint.

However, plots have been allotted to the members and Rs. 11 Bjilion had been given to developer like Habib Rafique and Bahria Twon, for the development work on 321 Kanals, therefore, media rejoinder must capitalize on these points.
The price of land has gone very high in DHAs and owners are the beneficiaries of such price hikes for land provided by DHA. The same money would be utilizing by the concern authorities in the welfare of the federal government employees.

The entire episode revels that propagating against DHA is sinister agenda of some land Mafia of Rawalpindi. They always tried to oppose the development in DHA due to their personal minister. It would not be wrong in saying that there are some government officials under the shelter of some minister are involved in throwing mud on the reputation of DHA. Their only aim was to tighten their grip on DHA for gaining their political and illegal objectives of grabbing land. The honorable Supreme Court should keep in mind that it is the DHA that always sincerely carried out the development of towns. DHA smooth transfer of land or houses from buyer to seller or vis-à-vis corruption free.this the reason people believe in transparent system of DHA.

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