External Powers Behind The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement

By Sajjad Shaukat

External powers which have been supporting the Baloch Sub-Nationalists (BSNs) are also behind the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) as part of their unfinished agenda against Pakistan. They leave no stone unturned in misguiding the people of the Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) by creating one after another issue. But, it is regrettable that some internal entities of Pakistan, which are also assisting some foreign powers, are manipulating various issues so as to fulfill the external agenda of the enemies of Pakistan.

In this regard, emergence of the PTM at a crucial time, which is being paid by anti-Pakistan hostile elements and countries, aims at accentuating the ethnic cleavages of the country, influence Pashtun population in pursuance of strategic objectives of the external powers. So, it stands exposed that the PTM is heavily dependent on foreign support and financing.

PTM is also reaching out to the people through the forums of social media and foreign sponsored network of Mashaal, Deeva, VOA, Indian media and Afghan radio and television services. Blogs and web pages like “Tribal News” and “Khabaryal” are heavily financed by Indian Intelligence agency RAW through Nangarhar (Afghanistan) based Hawala/Hundi business.

Strangely, PTM leaders are pursuing the agenda through a web having signatures of Foreign HIAS. Case of the US Army veteran Colonel, Lawrence Sellin can be quoted as a new example. Colonel Sellin has started tweeting on anti-Pakistan themes about China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, Balochistan, Sub-nationalism (Pashtun, Sindhi, Mohajir, Baloch). He has been following the narratives mostly of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency National Directorate of Security (NDS) and RAW. He also writes anti-Pakistan Blogs and articles. Baloch, PTM and sub-nationalists and Hussain Haqqani are his followers on twitter.

It is notable that a PTM social media activist Arman Luni died in Lorali, Baloschistan due to an apparent cardiac arrest. PTM alleged that Luni was killed by police on behest of the state. Luni is presented as Pashtun national hero by likes of the PTM and their Afghan backers.

Pakistan being the front state in war on terror has rendered sacrifices in general, while the sufferings of Pashtun segment are undoubtedly colossal. They have faced tortures at the hands of terrorists such as displacements, life and economic losses, causing psychological pains. Ironically, when they needed “POST TRAUMA STRESS DISORDER treatment” in the wake of Pakistan’s successful military operations in flushing out terrorists, the hostile foreign elements have attempted to prolong their pain by launching the PTM.

As Pakistan Armed Forces have flushed out terrorists from Tribal/border areas and are currently engaged in consolidating the international Pak-Afghan border through fencing to completely neutralized the infiltrations from Afghanistan, an orchestrated campaign through sponsored media and activation of the PTM to incite the Pashtoon population, has been launched. However, the PTM seems to have failed in instigating the public and creating a commotion leading to “yellow revolution” like sit-in protest and demonstrations.
As regards the internal elements, the PTM and other anti-Pakistan slogans are being supported by the “leftist leaders” and social media activists like Afrasiab Khattak, Bushra Gohar, Gulalai Ismail, Hussain Haqqani etc. All the PTM activities are getting extraordinary coverage from the media—VOA, Deeva Radio, Mashaal Radio and BBC. Understandingly, these activities are more pronounced in the Pashto language transmissions of these broadcasting stations.

Although the PTM elements are using the old slogan of “Pashtunistan” (Bar and Lar Afghan) to instigate the innocent and insensitive populace, yet with negligible effects, the handlers of the PTM are now acknowledged the failure of their campaign in creating a stir in Pashtun politics. But, to give a flip to their diminishing politics, recent incident of death of a local Aman Loni in Baluchistan is being exploited to resurrect the party activities to some extent.

In this respect, question arises that if the PTM is sincere to the Pushtun people, as to why it has not raised the human rights issues, being faced by Pashtun population in Afghanistan.

It is time to take the debate of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) to Afghanistan as Bar Afghan debate. Afghan Pashtuns are also real Pashtuns as the Pashtuns elsewhere in the world. While, one is stunned to see that there is no voice for the Afghan Pashtuns on social media, whereas the so-called cause of the Pakistani Pashtuns is actively propagated by the external powers.

Real cause of worry for backers of the PTM is the victory of real Afghan Pashtuns against the backers of the PTM. Their frustration is high because the PTM is left with very little time before the real Pashtuns, as the Taliban will be in power in Afghanistan and the assistance for the PTM from NDS and RAW backed the regime-National Unity Government (NUG) will die.

The way the Afghan Pashtuns have been treated and plundered in Afghanistan, is not hidden from anyone. Afghan Pashtuns have been made to sacrifice their generations, migrate from their lands, losing their livelihood. Why the VOA, Radio Mashaal, Radio Deewa and social media propagandists like Afrasiab Khattak and Bushra Gohar never speak for their plight. Why not to speak for Pashtuns on that side in Afghanistan?

PTM is actually a veritable political entity of the Afghanistan-based Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). It wants to accomplish its nefarious designs through so-called nonviolent means as to what TTP could not achieve through violence.

As the number of the PTM followers is negligibly-few thousands, there is a need of strict legal and administrative measures to be taken against the group.

It is mentionable that as a token of commitment to rebuild Afghanistan, on March 25, 2018 Pakistan handed over state of the art medical equipment for Nishter Kidney Centre Jalalabad to Governor of Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

In this context, Islamabad provided complete medical equipment, worth US $ 5 million to the hospital. In addition, around 75 doctors and technicians were trained in PIMS Hospital Islamabad, last year and it will be a great help for Afghanistan in running some hospitals.
Pakistan also extended assistance to provide specialized training to another 42 Afghan doctors and technicians at the Institute of Kidney Diseases in Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar.

Nonetheless, one wonders as to what the PTM is aiming at? Actually, the PTM is acting against the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to undermine the successes, achieved by Pakistan during the war on terror. By raising malicious slogans, PTM and their backers fail to understand that Pakistani nation is well aware of their new tactics of using soft power. Their anti-state and state institutions’ agenda is already exposed and real Pashtuns do not trust them anymore.

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