From Expectations to Perfection: Operation 021

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Sick of formula films—lacking subject behind script—expecting screenplay connection with locations and right puffing of music at right time, don’t waste time, book a seat in cinema and watch Operation 021, the expectations will be met at their best as the first ever Pakistani spy film creating history since it hit the big screens having all this stuff packed in. The initial days business was so bumpy that despite after weeks and in presence of another recent comedy hit Na Maloom Afraad, Operation 021 accumulated consummate revenue and is still leading the box office.

Starring Shaan as the lead role and accompanied by Ayub Khosa, Hameed Shaikh, Shamoon Abbasi and Amina Shaikh, Operation 021 is luminously scripted film that seems to have captured more urbane and cultured minds than of ordinary viewership. Bringing back Khosa and Hameed into business of showbiz, more appropriately to the business of risk (given in current feeble state of Lollywood) was also a task that Zeba Bakhtiar, the legendary actress turned producer now, did decently because only the right characters could have bequeathed the right impact. Slow movement of HD cameras in conjunction with Dolby Digital sounds and cautiously selected locations have added magnetism in the movie.
Opting subject that has highly patriotic impression was a valiant move for a movie that had to distract Bollywood centric audience and to capture fewer modern screens in the country and some shabby cinemas. Moreover, many among crew had their debut project and therefore could have confronted unprecedented challenges. This was perhaps the reason that is spite of trailer striking the TV screens and internet almost a year ago, the movie faced substantial delay in its release and a chunk of awaiting audience was speculating about the termination of project, split among staff or otherwise. However, as per came later but came stronger, the movie has engrossed gigantic response and netted lots of respect for makers and exclusively for Shaan (came later but came stronger).

Talking about Shaan and his character as spy agent is no less than a marathon task. After brilliance in Khuda Klie and lately in super hit Waar, public had high hopes with living legend and thankfully he met all the optimisms that ultimately resulted in elevation of his personality and liking as well. In the second round of his career, Shaan is supposed to play sober roles than of shabbily jumping and dancing at the floor that are generally spared for young bodies. Consecutive mega hits (Waar and Operation 021) made him Robert Di Nero of Lollywood and hopefully casting Shaan in decent movies will not be a risk taking deal for producers and directors alike.

It was Azaan Sami who composed music of the film and that job is met with absolute astuteness and excellence, though he had no hindrance of composing mesmerizing and enthralled songs. But in contemporary trends, only an item song can provide a film with exclusive distinction however, making sure that the film will catch audience without songs was also a big business indeed. Slow drumming of music in the background and its gradual upswing in accordance with screen play or dialogue delivery made it very well fitted. Looking with critical angel, it is hard to find out blunders from the flick yet; the casual fight of Shaan with culprits could have been compiled more artistically, if not in appropriately.

It is the end of the movies, in recent past, where most Lollywood movies slumped, either because of closing cameras in less realistic way or in more patriotic way but thankfully Operation 021 circumvented that phenomenon easily. Director Jami certainly crafted a master piece and the film has left optimistic impact on the nurturing Lollywood industry and many would have start thinking that investing in a film is no more waste deal.

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