Full Freedom for the Israeli War Criminals & Hostage Status for the Palestinians

By Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

No red line for the Israelis

The awful helplessness of the people of Gaza now needs little description. They are the perfect lame ducks at the mercy of the Israeli war criminals. None of the world powers is coming to their help. More than thirty six thousand Palestinians are killed and more than 70 thousands are maimed. The Israeli war criminals have no red lines. They enjoy full freedom to go to any extent to kill and torment any number of people of Palestine. The killing is not confined within Gaza, it is going non-stop in the occupied West Bank, too.

The whole world community also shows its own inabilities and failures. The UN can only hold some talk-shows and issue some press releases. Nothing more than that. The Muslim World can only show their customary silence and inaction. Those who show some courage face some Western curse. The whole world now lacks any effective authority to control the heinous war criminals. Indeed they are let loose to enjoy full freedom to go to any extent to commit any crimes. For the Israelites, it is like a lawless jungle. So, after destroying most of the residential installations in Gaza, Israel is now firing missiles to kill people taking shelter in tents in the sands of Rafah -the last resort for the refugees. On 26 May, 35 people were burnt to death in tents and hundreds were injured. No safe place exists in the entire Palestine. Even hospitals are common targets.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) and International Criminal Court (ICC) have no power to punish these war criminals. Israel considers itself above any international laws and doesn’t recognise ICJ and ICC. The USA supports such an Israeli position. Recently, the ICC issued an arrest warrant against Prime Minister Netanyahu and his defence minister. President Biden got furious on that. He said that the ICC has no jurisdiction to issue any arrest warrant against Prime Minister Netanyahu and his defence minister. But he didn’t explain, if the ICC has no jurisdiction to arrest and punish the war criminals, then why such a court should exist? Why was such a court created? Biden doesn’t want his criminal friend to face any punishment. But the same President Biden eulogised the ICC decision when it issued an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The USA, the UK and Germany show their full complicity in the war crimes by giving weapons to the Israeli war criminals. So they are deadly against any ICC efforts to put their friends in crimes to put behind bars. This is why President Joe Biden became furious when the ICC prosecutor issued an arrest warrant against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his defense minister. The USA and its allies think they,too, are above international law. These imperialist supremacists think that they are the only civilised people on the earth and the ICC is created for third world criminals.

Where there is any crime, there are always some criminals behind that. And it is the worst crime to allow these criminals to go unpunished. The US, the EU and the UK are complicit in that crime. Because,they stand on the side of the Israeli war criminals.

ICC has also its own failures. Since the US is a partner in war crimes for supplying weapons and money, the ICC should have issued an arrest warrant against President Biden. He is no less a war criminal than President Putin of Russia. Putin didn’t kill 36 thousands in Ukraine, but Israel killed. And Biden is fully complicit in that Israeli killing.

The bias against the Palestinians

Any bias against any people is itself a huge crime. It is an explicit immorality. With a bias, one can’t deliver sound justice. Hence, any bias against any people is a crime against the rule of law, morality, humanity and basic human values. Because of such a bias, the USA, the EU, the UK could continuously commit crimes against the delivery of justice for the people of Palestine.

There is a historical context of such a Western crime. It is a fact that the Western imperialists like the British, the French and the Americans jointly fathered the illicit Israel in the land of Palestine. Before the British occupation in 1917, the Jewish population was less than 5 percent. But their number was increased through planned migration from East Europe, Russia and other states. After the creation of Israel in 1948, they recognised it and made it a member of the UN. Now, they are united to protect their illicit baby.

Israel was implanted in the Muslim heart land with a political and military purpose. It was created only to work as the military and political outpost for the West. Now it is playing its role as a bully against all Muslim countries in the Middle East. To ensure its defence, the US, the EU and the UK give all necessary weapons. They have also supplied nuclear technology -so it is the only nuclear country in the Middle East. Israel stays there to prevent any resurgence of Islamic civilisational state in that area.

The bias against the Palestinians and the selective love for the Israelis are very robust among the US politicians and the media gurus. They are ready to do everything for the security of Israel; but they stay deaf and dumb on the security of the Palestinians. They condemn the killing of 7 October -as if the atrocity started only on that day in Palestine. But they stay silent on the killings of Palestinians and destruction of their homes during the last 75 years.

They don’t condemn the Israeli brutality of nakba -the catastrophe. In the days of nakba in 1948, more than 500 villages were destroyed in a few days and 750,000 people were evicted. Most of them are still living as refugees in neighbouring countries. They condemn the hostage taking of the Israelis by Hamas, but they don’t condemn the full hostage-state of the whole Palestinians. They don’t even condemn the killing of 36 thousands Palestinians and destruction of more than 80 percent of the houses in Gaza. They don’t even call for a ceasefire. They show their interest only for the release of Israeli hostages.

Shame on the UN and its Security Council

Any occupation of a foreign land is utterly illegal. Any ethnic cleansing and any colonisation is also illegal. It is a great shame on those who gave recognition to a state like Israel that was built illegally by means of ethnic cleansing and settlers’ colonisation in an occupied land.

It is a great shame on the UN and its Security Council for recognising such an illegal state as its member. Only those who are complicit in the crimes of ethnic cleansing and colonisation, can prefer to stay silent when they watch the same Israeli crimes with their own eyes. Such genocidal crimes were committed by the European colonial nations like the British, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch and others against the Red Indians and Ancas in the Americas, against the Aborigines in Australia, against the Maoris in New Zealand and against the Black inhabitants in South Africa.

The Israelis are the perfect ideological cousins of the Western imperialists; hence they could commit the same crimes with full Western support and impunity against the Palestinians. This is why the Western countries stand side by side with the Israelis to block the recognition of an independent state for the Palestinians on their own ancestral land. Such an immoral position of the Western nations is indeed an explicit sign of their moral death and robust political pervers

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