General Kayani and Nawaz Sharif deliberated on Terrorism

nawaz shriefBy Zaheerul Hassan

On 18 May 2013, the Army Chief called on PML (N) head and designate Prime Minister-Nawaz Sharif met in Lahore and discussed the prevailing security situation of the country. Notably just a day before terrorists carried out suicidal attack in mosques of Malakand Agency in which 20 individuals killed and more than 50 injured. Gen. Kayani, who sought the meeting, called on Mr. Sharif at his Brother Shahbaz Sharif’s residence at Model Town in Lahore this afternoon.

This was the first meeting between Gen. Kayani and Mr. Sharif since the PML-N emerged victorious in the May 11 general election. The meeting lasted over three hours wherein the leaders had lunch together. No other PML-N leaders were present during the meeting.

They have also discussed the most serious issue of ongoing terrorism. We all know that thousands of Pakistani soldiers and civilian scarified their lives to defeat foreign sponsored terrorism. Let hope that newly elected government should stand with shoulder to shoulder to eliminate militancy.  During the current meeting, the army chief probably has briefed the PML-(N) chief on the security situation across the country.
At this occasion General has also congratulated Sharif on his splendid victory in the polls 2013. According to reliable sources both the leaders agreed to work together to confront challenges facing Pakistan, including terrorism. Moreover, Mr. Sharif acknowledged and appreciated the security establishment’s role in strengthening the democracy and allowing the previous civilian government to complete its five-year tenure, the channel reported.

 In fact, regional security dynamic has to take turn particular after departure of US led forces in 2014. During and before polls, the terrorists  have posed serious threat to Pakistan. But fortunately Pakistani government and armed forces stood fast and defeated militants and successful conducted the general elections 2013  . Now newly elected Pakistani leadership to prepare strategy and undertake pragmatic steps to eliminate the menace of terrorism. The nation looks towards the authorities concerned as and when the terrorist hit at unexpected places, explode bombs and kidnap political leaders at gun point, but the state mechanism appears to have gone insensitive despite clear warnings given by the intelligence agencies. Unfortunately terrorists are at liberty to roam about in the streets, bazaars and public places. Media has been pointing out that terrorists are facilitated by some of the political leaders who provide patronage to these criminals. The situation certainly demands serious and unified crake down to root out the terrorists and their God-Fathers so that innocent lives of Pakistani citizens are saved and peace and harmony is restored in the country. 

 The nation must remain united against terrorist threat and show solidarity and devotion to the country. A unified and collective front will not only frustrate the anti-Pakistan forces but will also reduce the threat of terrorism. The aim is to create peaceful atmosphere, remain calm and participate in elections without any fear and join hands with those who are ready to bring terror free atmosphere in Pakistan.   Few days earlier terrorists has also threatened    Ansar Burney  who is an eminent human rights activist with international fame and has been successfully participating in some of the most difficult operations to help facilitate efforts to rescue and release people of different nationalities abroad, trapped in a web of terminal providence, with no hope for any external influence except the divine intervention.

He also raised his voice for clemency for late Sarabjit Singh (the convicted terrorist in Pakistani jail), to convert his death sentence into life imprisonment only and purely on humanitarian grounds as he was awaiting to be hanged since last two decades, having completed life sentence. Sarabjit Singh was murdered by a jail inmate in Pakistan and his body shifted to India. His sister Dalbir Kaur was allowed to visit Pakistan to see her brother who was still hospitalized but on arrival at India she uncovered her typical Indian face by urging the Indians to take revenge of Sarabjit Singh’s death and blamed President of Pakistan for his murder. She also fired a salvo at Ansar Burney alleging that he demanded Rupee 25 Crore to save the life of his brother. Such shameless allegations are not only baseless but deserve out right condemnation through media.

 Unfortunately similar other anti-Pakistan elements are making attempts to cause hurt to the chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International. On 18th of January 2013 at about 7:00 to 7;30 pm two unknown persons came on their motor bike and tried to attach some device (probably a time bomb) under Ansar Burney’s car parked outside his office at Ansar Burney Trust International (6 Hassan Manzil, Arambagh Road Karachi). As one of the staff employees of Ansar Burney’s Trust spotted them and shouted at them, they escape from the scene. This leads to conclude that those elements who are not well-wishers of human rights in Pakistan, M,r Ansar Burney and Ansar Burney Trust International, may be involved in such criminal acts. Their ulterior motives seem to cause terror and panic in the country, and bring disgrace to name and dignity of Pakistan.

Anyhow, the purpose of revealing of episode of treat to Burney here is that there are some local traitors who are providing shelters to the anti-state elements.  Nation, political leadership and armed forces has to be on page to eliminate terrorism from their mother land.

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