Guarding National Interest is Collective Responsibility

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Academically, the significance of national interest lies in attaining the ability to achieve internal reforms in order to avoid foreign pressures of all sorts. It  distinct a state from others states  with respect to foreign policy, military power, religion, geographical advantages and disadvantages, natural resources, governing system, culturally,  judicial system, overall political environment and explicit pattern  of   behaviour of inhabitants. Therefore, the national interest provide an opportunity to a state to be an independent and sovereign entity while keeping itself unique from the interests of subordinate areas or groups and also of other nations or supranational groups <any foreign policy which operates under the standard of the national interest — H. J. Morgenthau>.

Anyhow, there is not a single set of words that explain the meaning of national interest since every nation has its own interests. Similarly, like other states definition of national interest does vary since everybody has its own meaning here in Pakistan too. However, various states’ organs collectively spell out national interests then defend it domestically and externally.

In this connection, countries’ security agencies sometimes bound to play their role in countering foreign aggressions while taking active military actions and also deal all sorts of subversive activities including anti state propaganda during war as well as in peace time. Currently, Intelligence agencies have become the most important governmental instruments to deal none state actors, invisible hands and covert actions. In Pakistan ISI made result oriented efforts to expose foreign paid agents that are busy in hitting national interest.

In all democratic states parliaments, administrations, security forces including intelligence agencies and judiciary are the main pillars that frame rules and regulations and execute the same in public interest through transparent system. Somehow transparently implementation of procedures and smooth functioning of institutions is quite difficult in third world countries due to corruption, nepotism, undue interference of judiciary and bureaucracy in state mechanism.

Anyhow, the state like Pakistan is passing through the evolutionary stage, where dreadful power game commenced just after Mushraf Rule. In this regard, the dangerous activisms have been seen with regards to judiciary, media, elected government and parliaments. However, military establishment instead involving them in local politics have displayed dynamic conscientiousness exteriorly and domestically paid heed in political stability and fighting back foreign sponsored militancy.
But unfortunately when security forces were undergoing war like situation, a renowned powerful media house started compromising national interest in the name of “Aman kee Asha” while shaking hands with “Times of India”. Some its anchors and aired programmes to promote rivals’ point of views while supporting Baloch separatists and raising voice for terrorists (so called missing person). Notably, during the same periods U.S. and some Western countries also provide fora to Baloch militants for fomenting poison against Pakistan.

A day came when GE0 without any hesitation, alleged Lt General Zaheerul Islam, Director General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) for the attempt of murder of an anchor “Hamid Mir” in Karachi. The campaign against ISI Chief continued for about 8 hours. It only reflects that GEO Group for the sake of their business interest targeted the most vital institution ISI. But, it was exasperated and detested very rightly by the nation and all segments of society demanded the banning of GEO. Ministry of Defence approached PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority and filed an application along with  solid proofs like; video clips, newspaper cuttings, photographs of screen shots to the regulatory  authority  but even then the officials members of the authority  failed to take unanimous decision against GEO Group till 4 of  June.

Meanwhile, on 5 June 2014 the government appointed acting chairman PEMRA, Pervez Rathore. He hurriedly took the decision of suspending the licence of Geo News for 15 days and imposing a fine of Rs10 million against it. On the same day the GEO Channel filed a Rs.50 billion defamation notice against ISI. Defence Minister and armed forces circles rejected such a less punishment. Public circles view Pemra’s decision not as a punishment but rather as a permission to reopen Geo TV after 15 days.

GEO’s Rs.50 billion legal notices clearly indicate that the channel has foreign backing and is working for some hidden objectives and illicit design against Pakistan.  The public and private members of PEMRA are in the opinion that allegations and acts against the ISI were not right.  They also consider that government has instrumented the decision while giving such a less punishment provided   a ‘safe passage’ to GEO.
The masses demanding that Supreme Court should take “Suo Moto” of the case since the channel instead seeking unconditional apology and accepting PEMRA decision, has initiated legal notices to ISI. It only means that the media house is adamant to his campaign against security agency and not ready to reiterate from the situation.

Why interference of court is must in this scenario because globally scholars believe that the transpire lifeline of every nation providing breathing space and steadfast foundations for prospects of sustenance for the victims.  It is law protects the rights and courts as a state pillar give respite to the poorer while addressing their grievances. At the same time assist the government in the smooth state functioning.  The persons sitting in the jury should weigh the essence of right and wrong. They should have foresightedness and vision to read underlines messages and hidden motives of militants and also the implications of their judgments in future. The legal system should not only be revolving around winning of cases, since fairness of Judicial System resuscitates the entire national edifice through distinguished verdicts while maintaining symmetrical impartiality. The system ensures provision of justice at the door steps of every citizen irrespective of their color, creed, caste, political affiliation, socio-economic status, prestige and degree of influence. The social order gets reinforced by excellence of Judicial System and so is the case of moral values. This is how Judicial System able to guard national interests.

Here, in certain cases theorists’ trials were though  conducted but the militants were set free while declaring evidences weak. Those terrorists again joined their respective militants’ groups and started fighting against security forces in troubled areas. The GEO Groups supported those militants for its covert agenda. Probably,the purposes of supporting decisions were to take shelter of the courts.   Actual facts might be that judges of terrorists’ courts were being threatened by the terrorists. In fact Western and  US Judicial System with all its negative manipulation has crept into South Asia including India and Pakistan where laws are selectively applied, court cases are managed and efforts are made to win the case under all circumstances.

We must know that international secret agencies have prepared various schemes to target Pakistan through ‘Iawfare’. This is obvious from frequently used media term ‘judicial activism’ in which judiciary’s Sou Moto cases and anti army assertions can be seen with concern.
Thus, to guard our independence, all elements of society should develop consensus amongst nation since no institution can singly decide what Pakistan’s national interest is to be.  In short, protecting national interest is collective responsibility for national developments, progress and competing others states. There is a dire need to devise media policy so that in future, paid media house should not be able to carry out anti state propaganda.
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