Gun use after the midnight massacre in Aurora

US President

Posted by Maidah Zaheer

While speaking at the National Urban League, US President Barack Obama has accepted in principle the fact that anyone can own a gun but the gun should be appropriate to the occasion.   Against the backdrop of the midnight massacre of 12 persons in the movie hall in Aurora, he said that an assault rifle or an AK-47 belongs to a soldier and is best suited to a battlefield.   This has been reported in of dated 26th of July 2012.   It seems the midnight killer had legally procured a whole lot of weapons and ammunition like a shotgun, semi-automatic rifle and handgun which he had used in the shooting.   He also had another handgun in his car apart from 6,000 rounds of ammunition.   In the opinion of the President, there should be some checks on buyers to ensure that persons who are ‘mentally unbalanced’ do not get weapons as a matter fact – there should be more strict background checks for those who want to purchase guns.

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