Hamid Mir Attacked: Claptrap Allegations against ISI

By Zaheerul Hassanhamid

GEO TV anchor Hamid Mir was attacked by some unknown motorcyclists once he was on his way from Jinnah International Airport on Shara-e-Faisal to Geo News Office. He was targeted by gunmen near the Natha Khan Bridge. Hamid Mir was shot three times and was rushed to a private hospital where he underwent an operation.
All segments of life have condemned the attack but unfortunately GEO media group without any justification started alleging Lt General Zaheerul Islam along with others’ officers of country’s supreme intelligence agency “ISI” for the attack.

These claptrap allegations were supplemented with the already thrown rubbish, in which Hamid Mir recorded claimed that if he was attacked some ISI officials and the intelligence agencies Chief Lt General Zaheerul Islam would be responsible. The same was repeated on the TV Channels of specific group by Amir Mir who is brother of Hamid Mir and notorious for voicing against Pakistan Armed Forces, Intelligence agencies and nuclear programme.
Similarly, Hamid Mir had also been raising voice for anti state elements (so called missing persons). He has also been involved allegedly in suggesting TTP to assassinate Sqn Ldr (Retd) Khalid Khwaja.  In this connection, someone uploaded the shocking audiotape of a conversation between Hamid Mir conversations with TTP. The audiotape has revealed that negative information that Mir passed on to the Taliban could have led to the execution of Khalid Khawaja, the retired Air Force official allegedly killed by a group calling themselves the ‘Asian Tigers’.

Recounting this vary incident here is that for ISI, it would have been very easy to prove the involvement of Hamid Mir in assassination of late Khalid Khawaja. In this regard ISI remained impartial but probably assisted him in extraction from this alleged murder case. Hamid Mir many times openly carried out negative propaganda against the states’ vital organs but even then patience has been shown by the government organizations. He deliberately used to carry out critics intelligence agencies in the issues of Saleem Shahzad, Bombay Attack and missing persons but State Missionary including ISI digested his criticism and note even asked the government to ban this anchor and his sponsored media group. He very openly deliberate used to defame the agencies which are in fact the foreign agenda.
The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) negated condemned the attack and prayed for Hamid Mir’s well being. ISPR spokesman stated that an independent inquiry must be carried out immediately to ascertain the facts. He added that raising allegations against the ISI or the head of ISI without any basis was highly regrettable and misleading.

It has been observed many times this biggest media group has aired news or talk shows which indirectly or directly created chaos, instability and is promoting yellow journalism. This media group is playing foreign agenda of breaking, weakening and demoralized armed forces through yellow journalism. Basically, targeting of Hamid Mir  might have been done by Pakistan’s Chacha Sam (USA),its Bhatija(nephew) India and Israel  in  a Black Cat OPS. One of my friends happened to be the class fellow of our Prime Minister and amongst few Pakistanis and also worked both in India and Israel for a US company. He disclosed that these folks operate close and personal. In a discussion, he very rightly pointed out that currently, Pakistan is in their crosshairs, specifically, and the success of ISI in thwarting many attacks has come to haunt it.

In short, alleging ISI for the nonsense is a deliberate attempt to demonize ISI and provide the current administration a reason for putting it under civil control or dismantle it.  Unfortunately, our PM does not have the vision to see through the great game. Pakistan media is being used and manipulated to pit people versus “rogue” ISI. Interestingly, GEO and Mr. Anil Ambani, an Indian tycoon, and an investor in GEO are up to no good. My friend again mentioned that Indian lobby is working on the premise that ISI is a rogue organization. Some years ago, they also worked on getting Pakistan declared as a “terrorist state.” However, ISI thwarted that attempt. Unfortunately, these people work in stealth mode and due to lack of literacy, lots of people back home do not figure out reasons for a lot of incidents in Karachi and Islamabad. As Chacha Sam leaves Afghanistan, Pakistan is viewed with suspicion and thus is in crosshairs.

Government of Pakistan should carry out proper probe through independent agencies and trace out the true motive behind targeting Hamid Mir, without any investigation alleging Lt General Zaheerul Islam and displaying his photograph on the channel thus off and on making deliberate attempt of defaming the country supreme intelligence agency and not paying tax to the state.

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