Hindus aspire for Hindu Raj in India

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While India brags about democracy, secularism and human rights, in reality Hindu Brahmans aspire for Hindu Raj. They consider themselves to be pure and superior and all other communities impure and inferior. Four-fold caste system was conceived by the Brahmans to maintain their unchallenged supremacy. Brahmans insist that castes are divinely sanctioned and cannot be changed or abrogated. They have kept the other three castes of Kshatryas, Vaisyas and Dalits as underdogs. India’s caste system which tears apart its social fabric and divides people into warring groups is a unique case in world history. This sinister game is played by Brahmans in collaboration with ruling class to their mutual benefit. 2.6% high caste Brahmans controls the destinies of Indians through caste system. The system devised by Brahmans gives them the divine right to rule, to plunder wealth of lower castes. Dalits are meant to do menial jobs only and remain in servitude of the Brahmans. They are denied entry in temples, cremation grounds, and river bathing points. A Dalit will die as a Dalit.

Out of India’s total population of 1.2 billion, over 60% are poor. It has highest illiteracy rate. 70% Indians lack shelter, sanitation, clean water, nutrition, healthcare, job opportunities. Among the neglected class, minorities are the worst sufferers. Hindu violence in India has been directed against all minorities in India including low caste Dalits (20%). All the minorities including 2.8% Sikhs have suffered a great deal at the hands of Hindu extremists. Christians too have been off and on ruthlessly targeted by Hindu zealots.

While all religious minorities are suffering at the hands of Hindus, largest Muslim minority of Muslims (17%) is the worst affected and have been subjected to communal violence and economic discrimination. Pathetic state of Muslims in India has been lucidly documented in book titled ‘Muslims in Indian Cities: trajectories of Marginalization’, edited by Laure gayer and Christopher Jaffrelot. They are being systematically de-Islamized and forced to adopt Hindu customs and traditions and marry their daughters to Hindus. Sachar Committee and Ragnath Mishra Commission in India had brought out the dismal plight of Indian Muslims, their discrimination in jobs and in their economic life. Only 4% of Muslim children go to Madrassahs but the blame of plight of Muslims is put on Madrassa. Muslims residing in eleven Indian cities are getting poorer and poorer. In Mumbai, large section of Muslims is forced to live near the largest garbage dump while a large section sleeps on footpaths.

Hindu extremism and terrorism in India have scaled new heights. Hindu terrorists are the backbone of RSS-VHP-BJP-Bajrang Dal. There are about 100 terrorist groups in India involved in terrorism. Scores of training camps under Saffron are run in India to train Hindu terrorists. Trainers are given subversive paramilitary training, issued arms and knives and incantatory lessons in hate and violence against minorities in India. They are told to cleanse Mahabharata of the presence of impure aliens and low caste Hindu Dalits and make it pure. Ethnic cleansing by Hindu terrorists is aimed at establishing Hindu Rashtra envisaged by Savarkar and Golwalker. Assassins, arsonists, thugs and rapists supposedly serve the cause of Hindutva. Indian Military intelligence and serving Indian Army officers are involved in terrorism. I.K. Shukla gave out details of Hindu terrorism in India in ‘the Milli Gazette (online edition) on September 26, 2005.

Intolerant and cruel extremist Hindus have all along vied to convert India into a Hindu State. They want all other religious minorities in India to either convert to Hinduism, or get Hinduised by fully adopting Hindu culture, or quit India. Prophet of peace Mahatma Gandhi also used to preach Ram Raj. Hindutva is fascist in its ideology. It is guiding ideology of Sangh Pariwar, of which RSS, BJP, Bajrang Dal, Vishva Hindu Prashad are part. Shiv Sena, a political party of Maharashtra is closely associated with it. History textbooks have been distorted in which Muslim rule in India is painted in black and mythical Hindu leaders eulogized. In all BJP ruled States, Hindutva has been imposed.

All these right wing parties/groups pursue discriminatory policies against minorities particularly Muslims. In Shiv Sena’s philosophy, a good Hindu is the one who hates Muslims and is ready to attack them. This party patronized by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was involved in the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002. They refused self rule to Sikhs in Punjab where their population is 86%, to the Muslims in Kashmir with over 90% population, to the Buddhists in Ladakh with 90% population and to Christians in north India where they are in majority.

Terrorism fuelled in India to terrorize minorities is cleverly shielded by blaming Pakistan. Between 2001 and 2008, all acts of terrorism which took place in India were pasted on Indian Muslims, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistan. It has recently been revealed by Indian authorities that terror attack on Indian Parliament in December 2001 was engineered by the incumbent Indian government to pressurize Pakistan and discredit freedom movement in Kashmir. In 2007, Samjhota Express train carrying 55 Pakistani passengers coming from New Delhi to Lahore lost their lives as a result of bomb blast. Pakistan was blamed for the incident. Anti-terrorist chief of Maharashtra Hemant Karkare while investigating terrorist act in Malegaon unearthed a big racket. To his dismay he gathered that a Hindu terrorist group patronized by Indian Military Intelligence Directorate officer Lt Col Srikant Purohit was involved in all the previous terror acts for which Pakistan and Indian Muslims were accused.

A charge sheet was submitted to Mumbai court on January 20, 2008 by Karkare in which Purohit was the main conspirator who provided RDX explosive for blasts in Malegaon. Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur was presented as main accused who arranged the men for planting explosives at the given sites. The charge read that Purohit launched Hindu outfit Abhinov Bharat in 2007 with the aim of propagating a separate Hindu Rashtra with its own constitution. He collected Rs 21 lacs to promote his fundamentalist ideology. He brought RDX with him on his posting out from Kashmir. He assembled the explosive at his residence in Pune with the help of co-accused Sudhakar Chaturveda and wanted accused Ramji Kalsangra. The explosives were used in September 2008 blasts at Malegaon in which 8 people died and 70 sustained injuries near a mosque. Charges were framed against 11 accused. Those were Purohit, Sadhvi, self-styled Guru Dayanand Panday, Shivnaraya Kalsangra, Sham Sahu, Ramesh Upadhyay, Sameer Kulkarani, Ajay Rahirkai, Rakesh Dhawde, Sadhukar Chaturvedi and Jagdish Mhatre.

Karkare had collected all the evidence and the case in Mumbai Court had reached the conviction stage but he was murdered by RAW agents on the night of November 26, 2008 in Mumbai. Ajmal Kasab, declared as a Pakistani was blamed for Karkare’s murder as well as other attacks. Swami Aseemanand arrested in 2010 exposed the role of right wing Hindu groups involved in series of acts of terror. Indian Home Minister Sushal Schinde and Satish Verma also exposed Hindu terrorism. They asserted that all terrorist acts in India including Mumbai attacks were in reality committed by Hindu terrorist groups.

Even after exposure of their false flag operations, Indian leaders unashamedly continue to blame Pakistan that Jamatud Dawa’s leader Hafiz Saeed was responsible for Mumbai attacks and that ISI is still involved in cross border terrorism in occupied Kashmir. Obama listened to the wailing of Manmohan and expressed his concern when he met Nawaz Sharif in Washington on October 23. In case Modi gets elected in 2014 elections, he will abolish secularism and will fervently work towards making India a bigoted Hindu State and to destroy Pakistan to fulfill the aspirations of the Hindus.

The writer is a retired Brig and a defence analyst. asifharoonraja@gmail.com

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