Hostile Freinds

Professor Ali Sukhanverindian Chief khar-bikram-sl-2-2-2012

A few weeks back the Pakistan army published its new Green Book which identified internal insurgent forces as the country’s principal national security threat. The book also indicated a shift of concentration of the Pakistan army from Eastern borders to the western front. This doctrinal change was warmly welcomed by various sections of the national and the international society and it was being hoped that the relations between Pakistan and India would get better as a result of this shift of concentration. Moreover it was also expected that the process of giving India the status of the ‘Most Favoured Nation’ would also expedite. But unfortunately just after the announcement of the policy of this shift in concentration, the Indian army started an intentional effort of creating a situation of disturbance along the Line of Control. The National Turk reported on 16th January, “Indian troops again violated LoC cease last evening. Indian army men carried out unprovoked firing on Pakistani posts at LoC in Hot Spring and Jandrot sectors from 2200 to 2300 hours. As a result of the Indian army firing, Pakistani soldier Naik Ashraf posted at Kundi Post died. Thus the death toll of Pakistani soldiers killed in cross-LoC firing since January 6 has risen to three.”  Just ten days before this incident, on the sixth day of the New Year the Indian troops crossed the Line of Control and stormed a military post of Pakistan. A Pakistani soldier was killed and another injured in a fire exchange between Indian and Pakistani troops. A press release from the Pakistan Army says, “The Indian troops came across the de factor border in the Haji Pir sector, 80 kilometers north of Islamabad, and physically raided a check post named Sawan Patra. Pakistan Army troops effectively responded to the attack. One Pakistani soldier embraced martyrdom while another was critically injured. The Indian troops retreated, leaving behind a gun and a dagger.”

It seems something very difficult to decide about Pakistan and India, the two South Asian nuclear neighbors, whether they are friend or foe. For the last many years, some of the media groups in Pakistan and some hi-ups of the so-called NGOs are trying their utmost to paint a picture of Pak-India relations with colours of friendship and cordiality. Moreover there have been a lot of efforts from various think tanks in Pakistan that Pakistan must rank India as the most favoured country but the on ground realities are altogether different. In spite of a successful cricket and trade diplomacy one can feel a very hot air of hostility and disliking for each other between the two countries. India and Pakistan announced a cease-fire along the Line of Control in the valley of Kashmir in November 2003 but the cease-fire has been violated again and again many times by India during all these years.

It is not only the matter of violation of cease fire along the Line of Control; India has always been using different tactics to destabilize the very foundations of Pakistan. Sometimes the Indian agents are caught involved in airing the sectarian conflicts in Pakistan and sometimes they are found involved in ethnic clashes in different parts of the country. Recently it has been learnt through reliable sources that Indian Embassy Economic and Commercial Counselor, Mr. Arvind Saxena at Islamabad is facilitating Indian based companies for striking deal between Sind Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) and TATA & DEHL. The report indicated that Sind Engro Coal Mining Company which is a subsidiary of Engro Group has been preparing a feasibility report on the coal mining projects in the area of Thar for the last three years. Reportedly Mr. Arvind Saxena is arranging visits of SECMC’s technical and administrative hi-ups to Naveli Mines, Tamil Nadu and Gujrat Mineral Development Corporation Limited of India. The aim and objective of these visits is simply to pave way for selling Pakistani coal to India for their projects in Gujrat and Naveli Tamil Nadu and provide an opportunity to the Indian coal mine developers to take charge of the Thar Coal Project. Some of the well-known Pakistani politicians belonging to Sind are also lending a helping hand to Mr. Saxena in his efforts. Rumours are in air that USA-India supported corrupt Political Business mafia is deeply involved in this multi billion dollars hidden scam. It is the need of time that the government of Pakistan must take keen interest in the matter of the coal mining development program in Sind. Pakistan has a lot of big names in the field of coal mining and it would be in the larger interest of the country if Thar Coal project is preferably developed under their supervision and command. It is against the logic that on one hand India is taking lives of our soldiers posted at the line of control and on the other hand we are facilitating India by promoting trade relations with it. No doubt trade activities bring the friendly countries closer but trading with the hostile countries could never be fruitful.


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