Huma Qureshi Apopular actress on demand

By Rajish Huma-Qureshis

Actress Huma Qureshi, who made her debut through Gangs of Wasseypur series has already impressed lot of filmmakers and also grabbed few good offers. But she is facing problems in managing the dates of the movies while producers are not at all ready to let go of her.

As of now, Huma Qureshi is part of two projects Ek Thi Dhayaan and Dedh Ishqiya . Dedh Ishqiya is still under pre-production while Ek Thi Dhayaan is going to release in the april. But Huma needs to do some re-takes for the movie Ek Tha Dhayaan due to which her dates are getting clashed with the dates of Dedh Ishqiya which is produced by Vishal Bharadwaj too.

Tanuj Garg (CEO- Balaji Telefilms) who is perplexed about the situation said, “It’s an amusing intra-company issue, which will be worked out soon. There will be some adjustment and we will figure out the dates. As both films are from the same production house, it’s in the mutual interest. Even Emraan Hashmi (who stars in Ek Thi Daayan) gave dates in mid March, though he’s been busy shooting for his next film with Danis Tanovic in Patiala. He has given us four days, so we have to work around his dates. We are trying to get Huma’s dates around the same time.”

Hope Huma Qureshi will continue her success for longer period in Bollywood.

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