Human Rights of Dalits & South Asian Minorities

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It is evident from the reprots that Pakistan has taken a stern action against the culprits those burnt Christians’ houses  in Lahore. But on the other side state terrorism has been done against Muslims, Siks and Christians.

Following the presentations of the Dalit and Christian speakers, there was still about 80-min left for the session to go. The moderator, Dr Graves, had told the audience that we have at least three more speakers on the floor to enlighten the audience. In the meantime, there might be more from the audience who would be inspired to enlighten the audience. Dr Graves turned to a well known gentleman interested on the chronic Kashmir problem going on since India’s prime minister took the Jammu and Kashmir matter to the United Nations Organizations (Security Council), New York to rule upon the Jammu and Kashmir’s territory being occupied by the Indian administration, using its armed forces. The UN:SC, in its resolution of 1948, had ruled that the both India and Pakistan will exercise restrain under the future of the people is decided by the will of the people, that is, the “Self-Determination” carried out under the auspices of the UN personnel. Both India and Pakistan accepted the UN resolution, but no ‘Self-Determination’ has been arranged despite repeated demands of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, whose very future is at the stake. No one knows as to how long the people of Jammu and Kashmir would have to wait.

Dr Graves turned to Dr Sekhon, who had very cordial and respectable relationship with the moderator of the session, Dr Graves. Dr Sekhon thanked Dr Graves for asking him to discuss in contribute to the session on the chronic problems of the Sikhs of Punjab under India’s occupation, since 15th August, 1947. Since this day of India’s occupation, the Sikhs have been traded as ‘second class’ citizens, without any religious, civil, political, educational, and basic human rights. Dr Sekhon pointed out to the audience that he has hated the British India Empire, which is now an independent India since 15th August, 1947, after being ‘subservient’ to the Afghans, Sikhs, Mughals, British, Portuguese, etc., for more than 3,500 years. Dr Sekhon explained that the reason of his, when he was the student of grade 5 during his school days, was nothing but the ‘gross discrimination’ to the non-Brahmins-Hindus communities. He said that while subscribing to the Sikh religion, neither his Holy Book, the Granth Sahib or the teachings of compilation of the 10-masters, from Guru Baba Nanak Sahib to Sahib Guru Gobind Singh ji, nor his parents taught him and discrimination. The discrimination what he has been seeing throughout his life, todate. He noted the discrimination not only with the Sikhs, but the Dalits, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, tribal communities and so on.
What disturbed me was the discrimination experienced by my father, who had among the high police official of the State of Bikaner and later the State of Rajasthan, and retired as a Deputy Superintendent of Police. He had trained the Minister of Home of the Rajasthan State and then the Inspector-General of the Rajasthan state. His trained people became minister and the highest ranking police official of Rajasthan. Why did he not reach to further ranks? Only reason I could cite is he was a God-fearing Sikh belonged to the Sikh religion (the 6th largest religion of the world), a non-Brahmin-Hindu community. This is the prime example before me, Mr Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, of the discrimination and human rights violations.

I moved to Canada for my studies for a doctorate degree, did post-doctoral work and joined the services in the Province of Alberta, Canada. During my career in the Faculty of Medicine, I had my appointment as Medical Mycologist, Director (former) of the National Centre for Human Mycotic Diseases Canada, had more than seventy-five publication in the peer reviewed journals and the equal number of presentations in the national and international meeting that took me to Europe, Canada, United States, South America, Israel and Far Eastern countries as well as to the People’s Republic of Chine. After retirement, a scientist and administrator turned a human rights activist, who is before you.

The sad story of my homeland, PUNJAB, the ‘First Sovereign and Secular’ country of South Asia, under a Sikh monarch Ranjit Singh, 1799 to 14th March, 1849, had been ‘annexed’ to the British Empire. An announcement of this annexation was made by the British agent of the British Empire on 29th March, 1849, Lord Dalhousie that the “Punjab of Sikhs” is ‘annexed’ to the British Empire for the purpose of administration only. My nation, PUNJAB, had nothing to do with the British East India Trading Company or its successor, British India Empire. I am glad to say that I was born in PUNJAB that had been ‘annexed’ to British Empire. My forefathers, Sikhs and Muslim brothers, fought the World War I & II to preserve peace process in Europe. The entire Europe, especially the United Kingdom knows that the Sikhs provided exceptionally well services to the British Empire during the wars in Europe and to preserve the peace process in Europe and the world. My community lost more than 108,000 Sikhs with around 89,000 injured during the wars in the Europe.

So much so, the first prime minister of Canada, Sir John A McDonald, requested the British Empire that “he would like to have the Sikh soldiers as he fears an eruption of between the southern border of Canada which shares its border with the nothern United States.”

Dr Graves, ladies and gentlemen, independent India’s Indira Gandhi administration waged an ‘undeclared’ war on the Sikh nation, occupied Punjab of of 15th August, 1947′ or the “Robbed” Punjab of 15th August, 1947, in the form of a brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984, on the Darbar Sahib Complex (the Vatican of Sikhs), including the Supreme Seat of Sikh Polity, The Akal Takht Sahib and more than 125 Gurdwaras (Houses of Worship), according to Government of India’s own publication. This undeclared war took a toll of more than 270,000 lives of Sikhs since 1st June, 1984.

Ladies and gentlemen, another interesting point from the human rights violation is that the alleged Indian democracy has been trying its best to make the “Sikhs as Terrorist people”. Indian administration of Rajiv Gandhi, his armed, foreign and intelligence personnel brought down a civil airliner, Air India Flight 182 (Toronto-Montreal-London-Delhi/Bombay) in the early hours of 25th June, 1985, near the west coast of Ireland. This was done to brand the Sikhs ‘terrorist’. India did not succeed. It was highly frustrated, however. After about five years, India and five other governments hatched a plan to bring down another Air India airliner. Meeting to complete the mission took place in Rome, Italy. An intelligence personnel sent to Rome with full instructions and asked ‘not to open his mouth or no question asked, but to follow what the decision of the nations is’. Unfortunately, while the discussion had been going on, the intelligence personnel opened his mouth and asked that don’t you know lives will be lost the way it happened to an earlier Air India destruction of flight near the western coast of Ireland. Meeting adjourned. What I am saying, Dr Graves, ladies and chairman, is that “India is Terrorist Country in the name of Progressing democracy of South Asia.” Indeed, the Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins of India are ‘terrorist’ as far as the Sikhs, Muslims, Dalits, Christians, Bodos, Buddhists, tribal communities, Muslims of the Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir, etc., are concerned.

In summation, I would like plead to my brother and sisters of this session is that India is not a peaceful nation. It has been creating problems and busy in the engagement to occupy the Sikh nation, PUNJAB alias “Robbed” PUNJAB of 15th August, 1947, Assam and 7-sister, Christians, Dalits and other minorities. The Council (UN:HRC) is obliged to save the non-Brahmins-Hindus minorities.

I thank you for your patience, Dr Graves, ladies and gentlemen.

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Parmjit Singh Sekhon (Dakha)
President Dal Khalsa Alliance

Hindus-Brahmins-Terrorism in India,

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