Indian Conspiracy of Communal Violence in Baluchistan

By Tariq Rizwan

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is considered by the analysts as a game changer for the region in general and Pakistan in particular. Both China and Pakistan, the two friendly neighbors, are committed to complete the project according to the plan. The basic CPEC route is passing through Gilgit-Biltistan (GB), Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP) and Baluchistan. Gwadar and Kashghar, China will be connected through road infrastructure, railway line, air trafficking and is likely to usher a new era of development and prosperity in the area. CPEC has enhanced biased the geostrategic importance of Pakistan manifold. China is keen to have a direct and shortest access link to Middle East, Europe and Africa through its One Border One Road (OBOR) strategy. The strategically located Baluchistan due to its peripheral Gwadar Port has, therefore, become a gateway. It is a linking point for China, South Asia, Central Asian Republic (CARs), Russia to reach out to the Warm Water, Middle East and beyond. Out of the huge financial, economic and social benefits, the provinces of Baluchistan and KP will be the top beneficiaries. These two provinces will be flocked with local and foreign investors and will create huge opportunities for its people.

Despite its unprecedented benefits, the hostile powers are not ready to digest the project and deprive the region from its benefits. Arch rival India is bent upon undermining the project. By following a destructive agenda against CPEC, Modi regime is trying to deprive the poor masses of the region of the fruits of the project in the long run. After initial failures to exploit GB issue and Baluch militancy, the strategy and tactics have been changed to destabilize Baluchistan with the aim to hinder the timely completion of the project. This time, the focus is on minorities living peacefully in Baluchistan since ages. Zikri community is their prime target who are inhibiting parts of Baluchistan and Sindh provinces; Gwadar, Turbat, Lasbela and Karachi. The enemy is propagating the theme in religious circles that Zikris are not Muslims and should be treated like Ahmadis or Qadianis. Moreover, that ethnic Baluch have been deprived, enslaved and will never get any benefit from the project. Rather, they will be converted into a minority in their own homeland and their mineral resources will be exploited for the Punjabis.

The Zikiris inhibited areas in Makran Division of Baluchistan are strategic both in terms of geographic location and natural resources. Like Ismaili community, Zikris also consider Gwadar as their holly place where their religion had originated. The enemy’s nefarious aim is to create communal and religious rifts in these areas and ultimately slow down the progress on CPEC in these areas. Therefore, ridiculous and disturbing literature and video clips are being circulated on net to invite the wrath of religious communities. Disgruntled elements among Zikris are also being used to generate anger in the community for making their traditions and beliefs controversial.

But the fact is that CPEC is destined to be completed in time. Baluch are for the first time in the history, bound to reap maximum benefits. In case if the enemy succeeds, there will be a dangerous situation where a brother will be pitched up with another brother and one Baloch tribe will be pitched against another one. People of Baluchistan will suffer the most. Indeed, Baluch are aware of such designs and have already dispelled the nefarious design of self – exiled Baluch disgruntled elements on several occasions who are playing in the hands of foreign hostile forces.

Though in the initial stage, the $ 46 billion CPEC is a huge one, never experienced in the region. The project is attracting a huge investment from inside Pakistan and from abroad. Several extra regional countries from far abroad like Norway, Germany, France, Russia.etc are keen to become part of the upcoming economic boom. They are investing their money in CPEC because of its huge potentials.

The writer is a freelance journalist.

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