Indian Foreign Minister’s Dignified Response to China’s War Cry

By N.S. Venkataraman

In spite of highly provocative statement from China , the government of India has handled the issue with firmness and dignity ,that seem to have further upset China , since India is not responding with the similar war cry.

Indian Foreign Minster Ms. Sushma Swaraj has declared in the Indian parliament that war cannot be a solution for any problem and she firmly ruled out war as an option both for India and China. She further declared that India was negotiating with China not only on the Doklam row but on the entire bilateral issues between India and China.

One is not sure as to whether China, in it’s present mood and with it’s internal political compulsions, will care to acknowledge and reciprocate the positive and healthy observations of the Indian foreign Minister.

Today, no country in Asia has any doubt that China has definite expansionist plans and it wants to browbeat other Asian countries by it’s economic or military strength or by using both.

The observers in Asia think that China has to be cautioned effectively, so that it would give up it’s aggressive stance in dealing with other Asian countries.

The question that arises is that no country in Asia has raised any war cry against China and only China has been doing this. Where are China’s enemies ?

Obviously, China thinks that time has come for military confrontation with other neighbouring countries to establish it’s so called superiority.

While the Indian foreign Minister has spoken on the India China stand off with great sense of responsibility and statesmanship, it needs two hands to clap. It remains to be seen as to how China would react to the hand of friendship extended by the Indian foreign Minister, in spite of the tense border situation between India and China at present.

(Its the writer’s own  point of view on China-Indian War . The administration of this website did not agree to  author’s stance since Indian sinister design in South Asia is quite obvious  )

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