Indian Intelligence Infiltration in Sikh Organizations

Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh KHALISTAN

 Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh

The Indian government has used many tactics to undermine the Sikh Struggle for freedom.  It has infiltrated organizations such as the World Sikh Organization.  It even infiltrated and continues to control Babbar Khalsa, the organization that India accused of carrying out the Air India bombing.  By accusing Babbar Khalsa, it is essentially taking the blame itself.  The organization’s primary backer received a $2 million loan from the State Bank of India just before the Air India attack, according to Kashmeri and McAndrew. Many other Sikh   organizations have been heavily infiltrated by Indian.  Another Indian tactic is to set up parallel organizations. One such organization is the so-called Khalistan Affairs Center, set up by the mysterious RAW agent Amarjit Singh.

Amarjit Singh, who claims to be a doctor but is neither a PKHALISTANh.D. nor an MD, will not reveal where his family is from in Punjab or when he came to America.  He will not let anyone know anything about his background.  Nor can he say where his money comes from.  Yet he is able to afford an office in the expensive National Press Building in Washington, DC, an office which is usually   unoccupied, and he is able to afford expensive newspaper advertisements.  Amarjit Singh was recently banned from Canada.  Perhaps he would like to explain to the Sikh Nation why he was banned.  When will the United States ban him and send him back to his Indian paymasters?

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