Indian Propaganda on Pakistani Media


By Manzer Durrani

Major Pakistani newspapers have given the Indians free rein to challenge the Foundational Principles of Pakistan. India has writing clubs in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkotta, and Mumbai to target Pakistani & Global newspapers sites to negate the very principles on which Quaid-i-Azam and Muslims of India separated from British India. Indians are promoting that the very basis of the split with British India was wrong and that certain Pakistani provinces like Sind and Balochistan should secede from Pakistan. I was in US during a similar propaganda war in 1970, where Indians worked on E.Pakistanis minds abroad through propaganda, Such racist arguments that Bengalis were the same people  ethnically, culturally, and religiously (more Hindus in E.Pakistan than Calcutta) as Indians were rampant.Pakistanis are too busy to counter such propaganda until it comes to our door steps, when it is too late anyway.

Indian lurkers masquerading as Pakistanis come to newspaper’s websites to promote disintegration of Pakistan. The administrators of these sites deliberately allow these Pakistan “bashings” to go on unabated. On the other hand, not a single Indian newspaper or magazine allows such freedom of propaganda to Pakistanis. They delete any post critical of India or its foundational principles.  Our newspapers and media have become our own biggest enemies. In this case DAWN is in the forefront. Why are we so committed to national Hara Kiri?  Express Tribune monitors never look after Pakistan’s interests and do not realize that we lost half of the country partially due to India’s juggernaut of false propaganda and lies about Pakistan Army in E.Pakistan, which was not only fighting the India led Mukhti Bahini, but also the Indian Army.

In US Jewish owned New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Vanity Fair, Time Magazine, Esquire, and all other press are spewing out the bylines written in Indian and Israeli papers. The target is always Pakistan’s nuclear and ballistic program, while Pakistan’s Embassy babus and Amb.Sherry Rehman are busy collecting cars or shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue merchandise.

Every Pakistani has to fight back with their pen. It is a crusade of the pen, which will keep Pakistan safe from outside forces. If you know anybody at DAWN, The Express Tribune or any other media giant please ask them to look after the interests of Pakistan and not its inveterate enemy, whose hordes of looters & killers (memories of 1947) were on the Amritsar-Lahore Attari Road,when they thought that Lahore had been captured by the Indian Army!


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