Indian Raw’s deadly game in the barren hills of Baluchistan

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QUETTA- “Amidst Baloch’s right of independence, the concept of greater Baluchistan, Sabotage as a tool for political struggle, despotism of Punjab and plight of oppressed nations and Media-friendly methods of mass protest are parts of the sponsored theme of Indian Secret Service RAW inflicting irrecoverable damages to the integrity of Pakistan” a high ranking intelligence official revealed Baluchistan Chronicle.

Chit recovered from the body of a person killed by rebels in Baluchistan

He said, “The lines are muddy and there are no clear-cut sectors to distinguish friends from rivals’ therefore India’s increasing role in Afghanistan under the garb of reconstruction and rehabilitation projects aims to boost their deadly game going on in the barren and hostile hills of Baluchistan”.

“Senior Intelligence officials of top agencies on the trail of insurgency in Baluchistan for years in a report filled to government, provided concrete evidence showing India and Afghanistan facilitating the banned insurgent organizations in spreading terrorism in Baluchistan” official added.

He said, “The report revealed that the banned militant groups are receiving arms and ammunition from Afghanistan and from some other locations including Kishangarh, a small Indian town, barely five kilometers from Pakistan’s border where the provinces of Punjab and Sindh meet. A supply depot and a training centre is also operating in Kishangarh under RAW’s umbrella where Anti- Pakistan elements maintains contacts with militant training camps in Baluchistan”.

“There is a high level logistics support depot near Indian village Shahgarh, in the province of Madhya Pradesh, about 90 kilometers from Kishangarh which is also in the use of Indian intelligence agents and they are using the area as a launching pad for the Indian supplies to anti Pakistan elements” intelligence official told.

Intelligence services in joint raids held several key Indian agents involved in such supplies and in interrogation they further disclosed that, they had sent a number of trucks of explosives and arms to militants in Sui, Sibi, and Kohlu districts of Balochistan.

The report disclosed that the Indian consulate in Zahidan, Iran, has hired a house off Khayaban Danishgah, near Hotel Amin in Zahidan and that house is being using for accommodating those payroll agents who cross over from Afghanistan to Pakistan and from Pakistan to Iran through the domed passage.

Under the prevalent environs Baluchistan issue is being popping up with more vigor at the central stage of national arena.

RAW in collaboration with Afghan Intelligence Agency NDS is also actively providing covert financial and weapons support to the banned Baloch militant groups of Baluchistan via Afghan border close to Chaman,  and using Afghan illegal immigrants’ for the task.

Evidence suggests that Baluchistan rebels are being harbored at various places and training camps, located at Kabul, Nimroz, Kandahar . Hilmond. Shorawak and Ghazni provinces of Afghanistan and after training they were being sent to Baluchistan for anti-peace crusade.

Sources told that in order to overcome the linguistic problems in future, Indian RAW is also involved in arranging Balochi language courses in India for Afghan intelligence operatives through Balochi instructors, that their expertise could be utilized for further unrest in Baluchistan through terrorist activities.

Balochistan has a long porous border with Afghanistan. The Indian consulate in Kandahar, a border town, provides a firm base to train, arm and dispatch militants across the border to undertake sabotage activities in the province

Security forces fighting militants in Balochistan had seized different weapons and equipments that bear Indian marking from the possession of militants killed or captured during different actions.

Earlier the former Commander of US troops in Afghanistan, General Stanley Mcchrysal, also in a report to the American Congress stated that the burgeoning Indian influence in Afghanistan was a destabilizing factor in the region.

Sources told that, Afghan border forces commander in Spin Boldak , Abdul Raziq is also fuelling militancy in Baluchistan by providing  training and weapons to the militants engaged in subversive activities in Baluchistan.

“Indian Consulate in Kanadahar hired commander Raziq’s services for providing weapons and other equipment to Baloch rebels in Kandahar who later traveled to Baluchistan” they added.(By Abdul Ghani Kakar)

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