Janeane Garofalo Secretly Married

Posted By Zaheerul Hassan

Janeane Garofalo learned this the hard way. The actress-comedian recently discovered that she and Rob Cohen, a Big Bang Theory producer, were married for the past 20 years and didn’t even know it.

“Rob and I got married, for real, which we had to have a notary dissolve not 30 minutes before we got here tonight,” Garofalo said at the New York Comedy Festival reunion for The Ben Stiller Show, per the New York Post. “We were married for 20 years until this evening.”

Janenane’s not the first star to get into some trouble in Vegas!

According to the 48-year-old, whose hit films include Reality Bites and The Truth About Cats & Dogs, she and Cohen “got married drunk in Vegas…We dated for a year, and we got married at a drive-through chapel in a cab.”

“[We thought] you have to go down to the courthouse and sign papers and stuff, so who knew?” she quipped. “We were married, and apparently now that [Rob] is getting married for real, his lawyer dug up something.”

Cohen is now engaged to Jill Leiderman, a producer on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

All’s well that ends well!

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