Kashmir: Heaven of Earth Demand Global Attention

By Zaheerul Hassanimages graves in kashmir

Uno upheld Pakistan stance and  rejected an Indian argument  of diminishing  the role of United Nations Military Observers Group in India Pakistan (UNMOGIP),   ceasefire along the Line of Control in Indian occupied Kashmir, has been overtaken by the 1972 bilateral Simla agreement, Pakistan  Ambassador Masood Khan also confirmed that “No bilateral agreement between India and Pakistan has overtaken or affected the role or legality of UNMOGIP,”  He very rightly added  that appointment or removal  of UNIMOGIP  from ceasefire is prerogative of UN Security Council. Notably, earlier Indian ambassador raised the issue after Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Gilani, who presided over the council meeting, underscored the “important role” UNMOGIP has played in monitoring peace along the LoC.

Anyhow, we can say that Indian move of removal of real bone of contention “Kashmir” from international agenda has been terribly failed.  UNMOGIP not only report the violation on LoC but also give reports of Indian brutality against Kashmiris.  Global community and UN Security Council should ask India to resolve burning issue “Kashmir” with Pakistan.

139,000 Sq Km (53,700 Sq Mi) with population of over 10 million (2001) Kashmir state is bounded to the west by Pakistan. 740 Km Line-of-Control separates it from Azad Kashmir and in the East by Ladakh, Tibet and Aksian China. The state is drained by numerous rivers which include Indus, Zanskar, Suru, Nubra Shyok, Jhelum, and Chenab. The valley is known as heaven on earth because of its scenic beauty, Chinar, Deodar and Alpine trees, grassy slopes full of flowers, fresh water lakes, waterfalls, crystal blue sky and snow covered high peaks and brave inhabitants of the valley.

Kashmir dispute started since the day, when Hari Singh, Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir against the wishes of locals announced its accession with India in October 1947. Since then local population is protesting against Indian forces brutality in Kashmir.

According to the spokes man of All Parties Hurriyet Conference Azad Jammu and Kashmir since 1989 to 15 October 2012, total killing of innocent individuals were 93,801, Custodial Killings in various camps and jails were 6,996. Overall 1, 20,392 individuals have been arrested, structural damaged have been done to the property was 1, 05,955. Moreover 22,764 women have been injured and suffered with severe injuries, 10,042 women have been gang raped or molested and over 1, 07,441 kids have become orphaned.

On December 10 ,2012 Srinagar, A report released by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service on the occasion of the World Human Rights Day. The report states Indian security forces rendered 22,764 women widowed and 107,441 children orphaned. It also reveled that the troops molested 10,042 women and damaged 105,970 structures. It maintained that the Indian troops and police subjected over 8,000 people to custodial disappearance during the last 23 years. In Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir (OSJK), Indian army, in their fresh act of state terrorism, martyred two youth in Poonch district.   The Indian armed forces killed the youth during indiscriminate firing at Nangi Tekri in Krishna Ghati area of the district.   It is also notable that hundreds of serving Indian soldiers including senior officers are accused of involvement in widespread human rights abuses in Held Kashmir, daily Guardian reports. The article published in the United Kingdom’s leading daily gives reference to report by a team of veteran legal activists in the Himalayan state that names 500 alleged perpetrators ranging from low-ranking policemen to Indian army generals. The writer Jason Burke based in Delhi says the charges relate to incidents occurring throughout more than 20 years of violence pitting armed religious and freedom fighters groups against New Delhi’s rule in Held Kashmir and include shootings, abductions, torture and rapes.

The barbaric acts of cruelty and criminal violence against innocent people of Kashmir by Indian Security Forces go on unchecked, making lives of Kashmiris extremely wretched and exceptionally terrified. Unfortunately the world opinion builders and media remains silent –on grave human rights violations committed against women, children and the elderly. International Peoples’  Tribunal for Human Rights in Indian Administered  Kashmir (IPTK) and Association of Parent of Disappeared Persons (APDP) released a report (355 pages) in December 2012 uncovering  brutal and wickedly barbaric acts of Indian Army, Border Security Force (BSF), Central Reserve Police Forces (CRPF) and elements of other Security and Police Forces, all violently striking against armless Kashmiris. The aim is to intimidate them and suppress their freedom movement. The report gives precise details of many established and proven cruelties which the “largest democracy” on earth (India) did not bother to acknowledge or investigate. The report also uncovers truth behind Indian allegations that violence in IOK was caused by Pakistan.

Many Kashmiri migrated from Kashmir have uncovered  the real face of  Indian armed forces and said that these Forces are engaged in raping of women, killing innocent people and looting their property.

Concluding, I say that Indian Security Forces, uncovering their ignominious prejudices against Kashmiri people and making desperate attempts to undermine the legitimate Kashmiri freedom struggle. World forum should pay attention in resolution of two nuclear neighbours of South Asia



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