Kashmir needs to be discussed by Pakistan and India: US

KashmirWASHINGTON, Dec 7 (APP): Emphasizing the need for Pakistan and India to work together towards resolving outstanding issues, the United States has said the two South Asian nations should discuss Kashmir dispute directly. The State Department also urged Islamabad and New Delhi to keep working for improvement in their bilateral relations.

“We’ve been very clear that  this is an issue we think needs to be discussed directly between  Pakistan and India,” Deputy spokesperson at the State Department Marie  Harf said at the daily briefing, when asked about some recent statements on the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region. Asked to assess the current state of relations between the two South Asian nuclear powers from the U.S. perspective, the spokesperson responded: “Well, we’ve always said that we believe they need to keep building a better relationship, they need to work together on these issues, and certainly we hope they will do so.”

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