Let’s defeat International Conspiracy in Balochistan

 By Zaheerul Hassanbalochistan-earthquake-relief-operations-by-army-distracted-by-baloch-militants

Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan is facing international intrigues due to its strategically important location, mineral reserves including gas, coal and gold.  The anti Pakistan elements are operating throughout the province and making their efforts to destabilize it by promoting acrimonious sense of dissent, political volatility, sectarian violence, deteriorating law and order situation and arousing sentiments of separatism.   The wide open land, coastline and deep sea Gwadar Port making this region is more attractive to regional and global players for international business / trade, thereby, enticing the concerned world powers to design Balochistan specific great game.

However, physical presence of US and India in Afghanistan has further provided chances to the militants to speed up their terrorists’ activities loyal Balochis. However, Pakistan extended her hand to China for giving operational control and developing infrastructure all along coastline. In fact Pakistan purposefully attracted China in controlling Gwadar project, aiming to defeat US headed EU, India, Iran and Afghanistan and CARS’ Great Game. The players  of great game have probably  redesigned their strategies  secretly and  working to create conditions (if needed to redraw regional boundaries) to control and influence the resource rich zones, disregarding the compulsions of mainland integration. The current American softness towards Iran could also be the part of great game agenda. Thus, the foreign temptation of   natural resources in coming days will not go down but might manifold the ongoing aggression in Balochistan.

Many times it has been observed that US and UK have provided platforms to anti Pakistan Baloch leaders  for propagating the idea of separatism. In this regard, foreign forces are using the existing political predicament in Balochistan as a pretext to encourage separatism, raise voice on human rights violation, over projection of mass graves, articulated support to alleged enforced disappearances and holding LEAs responsible for every wrong that takes place in Balochistan.

In this regard, Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Khan Dawood Hyrbyair Marri and others are busy in Europe and USA to project Balochistan issue to make it more prominent at international level. US Congressmen including Republicans Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher and two other senators recently held talks with Khan of Kalat and Hyrbair Marri in London. The US delegation was also accompanied by top officials of State Department and in their presence the Congressmen reassured the Baloch dissidents of their open and clandestine help in their activities in Balochistan and abroad. Although some of these representatives have been meeting the Baloch leaders but the presence of US Govt officials is a source of concern for Pakistan. This simply indicates the extent of involvement of US establishment in the internal affairs of Pakistan (Balochistan).

According to the  confirmed reports stated by certain quarters in Pakistan that US establishment was, directly and indirectly, helping some armed groups of Balochistan. In the past BLA and Khan of Kalat had planned to take the Balochistan issue to International Court of Justice (ICJ) and expected India to pay $2.4 million lawyers’ fee to contest the case in ICJ. Indian refusal led BLA and Khan of Kalat to approach US leaders. In February 2012, 3xRepublican Congressmen (Dana Rohrabacher, Louie Gohmert and Steve King) tabled a bill before US Congress stating, “Balochistan is currently divided between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan with no sovereign rights of its own. In Pakistani Balochistan people are subjected to violence and extrajudicial killing. The bill favoured Baloch rights of self-determination, having a sovereign state and must be afforded the opportunity to choose their own status.” Similarly hearings convened by (Senator Rohrabacher and Col (R) Ralph Peters) US House Committee on Foreign Affairs’ on extrajudicial killings and human rights violation in Baluchistan, shocked Pakistan. US Govt quickly distanced itself from Congressional hearing by Rohrabacher and Peters’ testimony. US think tanks, NGOs and websites, however, went on instigating the separatists in Baluchistan. US State Department-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Voice of Baluchistan (VOB) have been instrumental in fomenting dissension and nationalistic feelings. US Govt has also been pressing Pakistan to allow opening of a consulate in Quetta. The aim was to conveniently execute anti Pakistan schemes. US Congress (Tea Party) members in order to fulfil their avenging design to teach Pakistan a lesson for sheltering Osama-bin-Laden are working for an independent Balochistan. Tea Party members held meetings with dissidents in London, reassuring them of more funds if they come into power, which may lead to more violence and bloodshed in Balochistan. Tea Party members are also developing relations with Baloch Lobbyists from Iran’s province of Seistan-o-Balochistan and JONDUALLAH.   Moreover, so called Sardars are busy in supporting criminal activities in the name of liberation. According to the credible resources Baloch Sardars including Brhamdagh Bugti group and other miscreants are maintaining private jails and torture camps for their malicious activities. These groups involve in abduction of innocent people for ransom.   Such types of conversation have also been intercepted by various law enforcing agencies. In those two different intercepts, Militant Malhar, Commander Pahagir and Mr.Riaz Gul (Lashkar Commander of Brahamdagh in Afghanistan)  were discussed the matter of two abducted persons. Brahamdagh directed his commanders that abducted persons should not be released without taking ransom of worth Rs.3000000.

Concluding, i would say that federal and provincial governments should take steps to remove poverty as Pakistan Army took number of steps in the fields of education, medical and recruitment of brave Baloch. At the same time US and her allies need to be told that Pakistan is capable enough to defeat any sinister design against it. Moreover, our armed forces are capable enough to protect country’s resources and territory.  Pakistani media, civil society, political parties and Judiciary must realize that Balochistan, due to its enormous mineral deposits, is being plotted as part of great game in which US and allies plan to gulp down resources of Balochistan. Hence, all Pakistanis must get united to negate and defeat US / EU / India’s greedy designs.

Although US politicians and the government figures deny supporting the Baloch nationalist movement or the armed insurgency yet such meetings between Baloch dissidents and US Congressmen in the presence of US State Department officials, lead to creation of mistrust. The incident has increased public frustration in Pakistan where US is already being perceived as having designs to grab Balochistan’s natural resources and exercising control / influence over its strategic vitality.  Own foreign missions must counter anti Pakistan designs and denounce meetings between Baloch dissidents and US Congressmen, showing connivance on Baloch separatism.

Foreign anti Pakistan propagandists should know that the issue to mass graves is under court investigations and official findings are being completed through DNA testing. Hostile propaganda that actual number of bodies found was much higher than 13 (officially reported) must be countered. Foreign propaganda should not be allowed to encourage and entice the separatists.

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