Load shedding crippling education

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It goes without saying that we are living in a highly scientific and industrial age. With the passage of time many inventions in the field of science and technology are taking place. The development of a country is directly linked with the supply of energy. In these days every country has been used to face it but they have capability to overcome it. Load shedding has been a tragic problem for last five years. In this period of time the production of factories, for example the rate of sugar in sugar mills, the percentage of chemical in chemical industries simply the overall output of country had been fifty percent as compared with previous age.

On one hand the development is suffering a lot and the other hand the condition of poor people is miserable due to prolonged hours of load shedding. The issues of price hacking, terrorism and the down fall of industrial sector. The people in our country are holding degrees in their hands but are jobless. In this country the industries are being run by the some rich people they are not ready to let them share their capital are capabilities. Then they are compelled by the adverse circumstances to commit violate.

Because of load shading the prices of commodities are increasing day by day. Economically, in the absence of energy the factories, industries fails to rise their production and as a result the prices of goods are increased. As far as the education is concerned, load shedding has affected it seriously and it has become a grave problem.

In a nut shell, students are affecting badly. The academic year is about to end and the exams are continuous. The students of every field either of the commerce, technical or the general are not at ease with it. The students of commerce field cannot do practice by computers and the batteries of laptops can be hardly used for up to five years. Similarly the technical students cannot run their machines and same like that banking system is crippled and the people have to wait for hours.

Majority of the students in our country belong to low standard sector. Due to having small houses the ventilation system is not proper and they cannot attend their books till late and night. And due to severe hotness their books get sweat. After that unfortunately failure in exams is written in their fate. If they do not make practice and express their knowledge, how they would make their home land peace full, prosper and well developed?

At last the load shedding is like a hanging sword for upcoming government. The question is that do they take sound steps to overcome this or would prove themselves a rope of sand unlike the ex. Government. Now the hapless community is considering Mian Brothers a hope of survival. Sharif Brothers will have to fight tooth and nail to eliminate this grave problem. Would Mian brothers be able to overcome it or not will determine their political future as well. It might be a question mark for newly elected Prime Minister so pragmatism with wise advisory will only be a key to resolve it amicably.(Baba Rana)

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