Long Time US Policy Reversal

By Atta Rasool Malik

As a sequel to US President announcement quote “I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” unquote. While the previous presidents have made this a major campaign/promise they failed to deliver. Evidently, the announcement has reversed decades of US policy, imperiled Middle East peace efforts and upset the Arab world and its Western Allies. The present status of Jerusalem is as of home to the Muslim Jewish and Christian religions. It is a contested city and one of the main impediments for reaching a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

In reaction European Union did not recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over Jerusalem. Meanwhile Canadian Government also announced that their Embassy will stay at Tel Aviv and will not be shifted to Jerusalem, as they view that the US decision is “un-helpful” for bringing peace in the region. The Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas termed the decision as illegal, irresponsible and provocative. He alleged US for abdicating its role as a mediator in peace efforts. It has laid-down dangerous precedent for disregarding International law and United Nation resolutions.

The Saudi Royal court also announced Saudi Government’s version and expressed condemnation and deep regret.

The statement of US President has united Muslim Ummah on one platform against “Israel” describing the move as a “state occupation”. Turkish Government also announced to revoke its relations with Israel while Pakistan and Saudi Governments lodged protests. Pakistan shares the International outrage and is deeply concerned over the implications of this decision for International peace and security especially in the Middle East. Pakistan has urged the UN Security Council to take cognizance and measures in accordance with the UN charter. It is “deeply regrettable that pleas of states across the globe not to alter the legal and historical status of Al-Quds are ignored.

The political pundits have quoted that three UN Security Council resolutions including the one by the General Assembly, specify Jerusalem as one of the core issues along-with Jewish border settlement and right of Muslim refugees to return. The decision further risks inflaming a region already grappled with conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Israel now considers Jerusalem as its eternal and indivisible capital. Any peace deal with Palestinians will now include Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. US believes backlash  and is also weighing the potential threat to US facilities and its people particularly in light of Palestinians Islamic group Hamas accusing Trump of a flagrant aggression against the Palestinian people.

Evidently the issue of Jerusalem requires instant attention by US administration to reverse its decision favouring Israel and against Palestinian Muslims. The issue needs to be resolved amicably once for all before it gets too late.

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